Hold Qi up Bollnäs [2008-04-12]

A positive group of people spent a weekend in the middle of April, in Bollnäs, close to a forest and singing birds. Everybody did their best to help each other to correct the movements so both the beginners and the more advanced students got a chance to improve. In this way we all increase our training quality.

Some comments from the participants:

Free from medicines

"Qigong helps me in many ways, for instance the training keeps me free from medicines. I think the training is comfortable for both body and mind."

Help in the everyday life

"I feel so relaxed after the course. It's been lovely days. I've noticed that I practice Qigong in my every day life. When I cook, for instance, I try to keep my body regulated. If I have to wait in a line, it doesn't make me irritated anymore. I've started to put a value on life and what's most important. When I started to practice Qigong my temper was really bad. Now my husband says that I've become nice."

Calm mind

"I've improved my standing posture since I started to practice Qigong. I might also have become calmer in my mind. I handle problematic situations better. Instead of being angry I try to deal with the situation and to keep calm."

"It's been a great weekend. Yesterday when I came here I had raised my shoulders high up due to stress at work. Now I feel calm and relaxed."


"So many things have happened this weekend. I've had pain in a hip and in my back which have caused me problems walking. Today I could run up the stairs to come here. It feels as if I'm opening up and it feels good inside. I've an inner wish to practice Qigong."


"I've had a tough situation this winter and I've lost a lot of energy. I feel that I've filled up with energy this weekend."


"This is really, really good. It gives me incredible much. I have some problems in my body but I can handle them much better now. Being with other people and practice Qigong get bigger and bigger to me."

"I want to thank for the possibility to spend a whole weekend for myself together with a lot of nice people."


Lars Hagner