Hold Qi up Norwich [2008-03-15]

Now we've had the fifth course in Norwich, England. The weather varied a lot, nice spring weather mixed with typical English rain weather. For the second time the course took place in a very nice school situated on a hill in Norwich with a beautiful view.

Some participants had attended every course we've had in Norwich. Other participants had attended some of them and there were also beginners at the course. Most of the beginners came to the course due to friends telling them about Qigong and how the training had helped them.

Below follows some comments from the participants:

Pain in the knee and the back, sleeping problem

"I've attended several basic courses and a summer course as well. I've completely fallen in love with Qigong. The last course I got much help with my body regulation. Since that, my stiff knees have disappeared and also the pain in my knees. The best thing is that I sleep much better now than before."

"I've got a lovely feeling for Qigong. I've had a lot of pain in my back the last two years. During the course I've had a tingling feeling in the whole body and obviously something has happened with my back. It is straighter now."

"I'm grateful that I came here. This night I slept very well which I haven't done in a long time and I feel that it's important for my health."

Relation and good atmosphere

"At this course I've learned many small details. I feel so much better when I practice Qigong and I can easier to handle relations now."

"It's been a great course with a fantastic group of people. I've found new dimensions in "La Qi". I've had a tingling feeling in my arms and hands during the course."


"Yesterday I was completely exhausted. Today I feel that I got a lot of energy."

"I'm really looking forward to practice Qigong. I think I'll get a lot from it. I'm clearer and my body feels really free."

"The simplicity in Zhineng Qigong strikes me. I like it a lot. To feel that we work through the body and mind very smoothly and carefully and in that way we can make improvements."


Fatima Ringvall