Hold Qi up Vasa [2008-03-15]

This spring's basic course in Vasa was arranged in Sundom Youth Association's house. The people who had gathered to learn Hold Qi Up together were curious and eager to learn, so the training was interspersed with interesting discussions. Many of the participants were interested in our summer courses and those who had participated in summer courses earlier were asked many questions. The participants learned the exercise quickly, so there was time both for practice and questions. Both the beginners and those who have practised before had good results during the course. Below follows an excerpt of the participants' comments.

Less tension, deeper breathing

I had a lot of stress and tension that stayed with me when I retired. Practicing Qigong has helped me get rid of a lot of my tension. My breathing was very shallow before, but now it's a lot deeper. I find it interesting that my breathing has opened up, even though we don't focus on breathing at all when we practise.

Allergy, lactose intolerance, migraine

I read an article about myself that was written a year ago and I was surprised. I've been helped with so many of my problems that I had forgotten I even had. I used to suffer from allergy, lactose intolerance and migraine, but I don't any longer. Now, I feel there are more mental changes happening. I feel my senses are sharpened and I can absorb and see things that I didn't notice before. It's a great feeling.

Hold Qi up Vasa

Less pain, better posture, better eye-sight, easier breathing

I started practising because of the pain in my arm. I had had surgery twice. Through practising Qigong, the pain has diminished and I use less pain medication now. I'm also softer and suppler. I used to have a bad case of swayback and "vulture neck"Heidenber. Now as my posture is straighter, I've gained 2.5 cm in height. During a summer course I could feel things happening behind my eye. After the course I saw an optician to replace my glasses that had been broken. He looked at my papers and was surprised. The eye-sight of both my eyes had improved: 1.0 on one eye and 0.5 on the other. I breathe more easily thanks to Qigong. Normally I react strongly to, e.g., perfume. After courses I lie in my bed and just enjoy breathing. I also sleep better now. It used to take me two hours to fall asleep. Now I fall asleep in just 15 minutes. After I started practising, I haven't had any colds or fevers.


I was very alert and energetic yesterday after the course. I took out the Easter decorations and baked a pie. I've been very tired lately. It's great to feel alert.

Body feels good

This has been a super course. My whole body feels good.

A greater calm, better immune system

As soon as I saw the movements, I knew that this would be good for me. For me, the greatest result has been to find the emptiness I was looking for. I have a greater calm. After having practised for a while, I could take things less seriously. I use La Qi in my daily life, because it helps me to relax in the evening when I go to sleep. I also use it if I wake up in the middle of the night. Then I can practise and calm down. Qigong is a good tool to turn to when you need it. Lately, I've slacked a bit in my practice and now I have a bit of a flu and my shoulders hurt again. When I practise, my immune system is better and I don't catch colds.

Don't lose my temper, go to sleep more easily

There are improvements that I can't see myself, but that those around me notice. I don't lose my temper as easily any longer. It used to take me several hours to fall asleep in the evening, but now I fall asleep immediately. I can relax better.

Better mobility in the arm

I have an injury in my neck and shoulders, which prevents me from raising my arms over my head and my arms are very weak. I have blockages in my shoulders and I suffer from pain and numbness in my arms and hands. Suddenly, during the second day of the course, I noticed that I could raise my hands over my head in a way I haven't been able to in five years.


Jeanette Heidenberg