HQU 2 Stockholm [2008-04-05]

The continuation course Hold Qi Up 2 takes place twice a year in Stockholm, once in springtime and once in the autumn. The course is more and more popular. Many of the participants have already attended summer course but they still come to every course in Hold Qi Up 2. In the course we are taught more details in Hold Qi Up. We're also taught a way of thinking related to the movements to help us get an inner calm.

The spring time course in Stockholm contained a lot of training. The Qi feld was strong and the atmosphere good.

From the participants comments:


"I had some pain in my neck but yesterday, in the afternoon, my neck was warm. When I started to practice Qigong I had often and for long times been on penicillin. Now I'm rarely sick. Even if my family is sick, most of the times I stay healthy."


"I've had pain in my back lately but not during the course. I suppose it's because of the Qi feld. The training has been good and I was focused on relaxation."


"It's been a great course. Since I started to practice Qigong I've rarely caught a cold."

Keep focused

"I think I've learned to easier drop thought about work for instance. Qigong helps me to easier keep focused. If I do things which aren't very good I notice that and I learn from it. At this course it's been easier for me to let go "judging" thoughts I use to have about myself."

Mouse arm

"I started to practice due to problems with my right arm. I couldn't write with a pen, work with a computer mouse or write on a key board. Now I got that ability back. Even though I still feel the problem it doesn't stop me. Qigong is pretty good, I think."

Back problem, shoulders, relaxation

"It's been a great weekend. I've had a lot of problems with my back and my shoulders lately. Immediately at the course things happen, my standing posture improves. This course I've been able to relax in a way I haven't been able to do since the summer course. That was great! Now I feel motivated to practice more regularly."

"I've worked a lot and been seated so the last week I've actually got some pain in my back. Even though it was not a lot of pain I could feel it. The pain is gone now and I feel softer. My movements have been corrected in a great way. Small details but still they make a big difference. It's been a good course. It's very important for me to socialise and the people you meet here are extremely nice."

The course

"I didn't know if I would come to the course or not. I recently moved so there are many things to do at home. Still, I thought if I come here I would get much more Qi. Then it will be easier to fix my home."

"One great thing about weekend courses is that it's acceptable to switch the phone off and being unreachable. It's much more difficult to practice a whole day when I'm at home."

"It's been a great course, both nice and hard. A scar on my back has been itching. Things happen all the time in the body. I've attended this course many times but still I learn new things."

"The course has been great. There are always new things to learn so I'll be back."


Lars Hagner