Hold Qi up Malmö [2008-03-15]

The Malmö Spring course was met by the first real cold of the Winter and quite a lot of glistering sunshine as well. With the open and friendly atmosphere among the participants they helped each other relax and learn the exercises more quickly. During the days of the course we had ample opportunity to talk about the most important thing when you have finished a course: the fact that you should practise regularly, practise the basic exercises every day to get better results.

Some opinions after the course

"It helped me a lot and it would take me more than three or four minutes if I'd mention all those things. I'm feeling much more energetic".

"Now I feel energetic. When I move my shoulder like this it usually makes this loud cracking noise – but all of a sudden it hardly does that at all! It happened yesterday and in the late morning. This is great".

"I've made very much progress and this time I improved as well. Both in my execution of the movements and in my feeling calmer. But above all I don't have so much pain, but more calm".


Max Björkström