Hold Qi up Turku [2008-03-29]

Turku was the first place on the Finnish mainland where we arranged a course almost 10 years ago. Ever since, we continuously arrange courses there and many have learned our exercises and use them in their daily life to affect their life quality. Many from Turku and surrounding areas have also participated in our 9 day summer courses.

When we arranged this spring's basic course in Hold Qi Up on March 29-30, many repeating students participated. Mainly students who have participated in summer courses. One important reason for them choosing to join one basic course after another is the strong Qi field that is always present in the courses we arrange.

From the participants comments:

Retirement, pain in elbow

"I started practising Qigong a few years before retirement and it helped me handle the stress of going into retirement. In 1996 I had an accident and injured my elbow. I had constant pain in my elbow and the doctor said I would always have that pain. That pain is gone now and I'm very grateful for that. Even though I didn't do all the movements correctly, I still managed to get rid of my pain. Today my entire body feels good."

Urinary tract infection, bad sleep

"I've practised for a little over two years. During my first basic course not much happened, but I was motivated after hearing all the results that the other participants in the course had seen. Furthermore, I loved the La Qi exercise already from the start and I thought Hold Qi Up was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. When I started practising I was suffering from many problems. I had a ringing noise in my ears and I sat as on knives due to a chronic urinary tract infection. It took a while before all that was cured. Before I started practising I used to sleep poorly. It didn't improve immediately, but it didn't matter because even though I didn't sleep well I still had energy when I practised. Now I'm pregnant and I've felt great, probably to a large degree thanks to Qigong."

Åbo LUQ 080330 stor

Infections, antibiotics, stress

"I used to feel a lot of stress earlier. I often had infections and had to have antibiotics frequently. Since I started practising Qigong, I haven't had one single antibiotics treatment. Qigong is a good health insurance. I manage my job better and I can take one thing at a time even in stressful situations."

Back pain

"I used to have very severe back pain. It used to be so bad that if I dropped something on the floor, I couldn't pick it up again. I had tried everything and I had no expectations when I started to practise Qigong. I wasn't miraculously cured immediately, but I felt different, so I continued. I practised eagerly every day and I participated in the practise group. Little by little I got better and today I'm well. I don't get colds as easily either. Some time ago I had a bit of throat pain, but it passed when I practised. Now I can't imagine going one single day without practising."

"My back hurt very badly and I had had back surgery. The pain disappeared completely after a while. Now I don't have to use glasses to read, I can see really tiny text without them."

Balance, patience

"The fact that the movements are slow helps you to gain control over your body and improve your balance. This helps me in my daily life. I feel more secure when I go out walking when it's slippery. I don't get irritated or impatient if I, e.g., have to wait in line."

Softness of the body, knee problem

"Earlier, I've expressed my reservations towards Qi and the Qi field. But now when I have practised for seven years, I feel my criticism has lost a bit of its credibility. It's already been a while since I passed 60 and I feel soft and healthy. One may wonder if it's always been this way, but it hasn't. My shoulders would act up and for a while I thought I'd seen the end of my nature walks when my knee started hurting. Today there is nothing which ails me."


"I suffered from severe migraine when I started practising. I had had migraines since I was three years old. I would have migraines more or less every day. My migraine attacks would last 4-5 days and I lived off pills. Today I can say that I'm free from migraine. During the last year I have had only three migraine attacks. One of these attacks came after a full day's photo shoot with flashes blinding me and tension all day. Two weeks ago I had another photo shoot and this time I had no migraine attack. What strikes me is how much time and money I save by practising Qigong instead of being ill."


"Group practise is what keeps me going. It doesn't matter how extremely tired I am when I leave for practise, when I get back I'm always really alert. It's never failed me. Qigong helps me to manage my daily life. I work with adolescents and there's a lot of chaos at work, but I don't get lost in the stress any longer."

"My body is softer and my posture has improved. When I get bad or nervous, I can use Qigong to get better. It's better than using medication, chocolate or getting drunk and it has no side effects."

"I realize how important it is to repeat weekend courses and I felt something completely new during body regulation. Qigong is a good psychiatric medication, which is great to keep in your back pocket. I have gotten up in the middle of the night and practised through the entire CD. Then I've been like a new person in the morning."


Lars Hagner