Hold Qi up Kungsängen [2008-03-29]

The weekend met up with splendid weather in Kungsängen. But still 17 persons came to practice and learn Hold Qi Up. One of our beginners was more than 80 years old. She had energy to participate in all the activities and she also said that "It was both fun and tough training". Here are some comments from the students:

Pain in neck and shoulders

"The first day I noticed I had pain in my shoulder and in my neck. It just ached and ached but I thought that soon the pain will disappear. Today I just noticed my pain was gone. My whole body feels much better."

Blood circulation

"I have bad blood circulation so my daughter has told me 'mother you must join the qigong course'. In fact, during the second day my legs feels much better."

"I have had an operation on my knee and my knee feels better now, I must say. My feet are warmer and that is quite unusual."

Asthma and allergy

"I got asthma and allergy about 13 years ago but when I started to practice I slowly noticed that I can stand the smell of flowers in spring without getting an attack. I also have eaten oranges this Christmas for the first time since I got ill. My body has become softer and I have had a lot of improvements, so I like to practice."

More power and energy

"I have practiced for 10 months and I have become much more energetic and alert. I have got more power and energy."

"After this course, I feel very relaxed."

Hold qi up in Kungsängen


Arne Nordgren