HQU 2 Gothenburg [2007-12-08]

Many experienced students repeated the course, which contains a lot of time to practice Hold Qi Up, to learn more about the exercise, how to do it and how to improve the training quality. The atmosphere at the course was calm and relaxed.

Comments from the participants

"I started to practice due to arm problems. I couldn't write normally and I had severe problems writing on the keyboard. In the autumn I could write with my right hand again. It has taken me some time, several years, to get there. Some people get results fast; problems disappear in a couple of months. For me it took longer but I never gave up."

In principle I could stop practicing now but I won't. So many other positive things have happened while I've been focused on my arm. There are people with more serious problems than the ones I have had but I've reached my goal. I don't have pain in my arm anymore. The rest is "only" a bonus.


Patrik Rastija