Hold Qi up Kalmar [2008-03-08]

After a gray winter we all enjoyed to meet spring with a new boost of qi. A mix of beginners and repeating students all helped each other to learn the movements in Hold Qi Up. During the breaks many chose to read the articles and personal stories about people helped by Zhineng Qigong. At lunch break they also took some time to enjoy the nice spring weather. Blue skies, and the warming bright sun, which was shining down on spring flowers and wintery faces.

From the participants comments:


"When I first started to practice I didn't listen when they talked about the qifield, I was to stressed to even try to understand. Now I can feel it, I felt it when I came to the lecture Friday evening."

Cold hands

" This is my first course. My hands are normally cold but during this training they became warm. Especially when we do La qi, then they become incredibly hot."

Resting pulse, well trained

"My doctor told me my resting pulse is great, and that I am well trained. I did't understand that at first, I never exercise. But then I realized it must be the qigong practice!"

Energy, tiredness, backpain

"I got my energy back from this method. I am no longer tired and my back doesn't hurt anymore."

Calm, better decisions

"The training helps me to become calmer and to make better decisions in my daily life."

Soft body

"I got recommended to join this course by a friend. Today my body feels softer."

Body awareness, insight about life

"I feel this course have given me more body awareness and a greater insight about life."


"I was surprised to notice that I forgot to put on my glasses, but I could read what the teacher wrote on the board. That, without any problems, even though I sat in the back of the hall..."


Lars Hagner