Wintercourse SXQ (5 d) Bollnäs [2008-02-27]

This years Winter Course beat the record when it came to the number of participants. During several years we have had between 50-60 participants, last year we were 80 and this year as many as 93! This feels very inspiring. The majority of the participants chose, just like previous years, to extend the 5-day-long winter course to 7 days by joining the basic course that was arranged in conjunction with the winter course.

Group picture from the winter course 2008

A lot of the participants talked about the friendly reception they got when they arrived at Bollnäs. It was a good start and set the mood of the course even before the course started.

The participants answered a questionnaire before and after the course. Some of the answers are presented in the diagram below. The bars show how many (in percentages) that experienced improvements during the course.

Improvements during the winter course 2008

During the course the Qifield was calm and very strong. The results came fast. Below follows a selection of the participants comments.

After 1 of 7 days:

I can walk properly

"My feet are working again! I can walk properly without dragging my feet!"

After 2 of 7 days:

Increased vigor

"I have been diagnosed with asthenia. I was standing like a cabbage, couldn't walk well and wasn't able to run. Today I missed signing the food list and had to go to the reception. I put on my shoes and run! I was very surprised that I could run."

More energy

"I already notice that I have more energy and don't feel as tired as when I arrived."

Practicing Shenxin Qigong during the winter course 2008 in Bollnäs

After 3 of 7 days:

All the way down in squat

"Today I was for the first time able to get all the way down in Dun Chiang (squat). All of a sudden I was able to do it; the difference was more than 10 cm!"

Reach the floor

"I'm now able to bend forward with my legs straight and put my hands on the floor!"

After 4 of 7 days:

Alert and pain free back

"I'm joining the course as a baby sitter; I do not join the practice in the hall. About a month ago when we got some snow I fell and hurt my back. Now I have been around the hall while you other participants have been practicing and I can feel the Qifield. I almost don't have any back pain anymore, wake up alert in the morning and was able to walk 3,5 kilometers with my grandchild at the zoo."

After 7 of 7 days:

No pain after 22 years

"I have been longing for a long time to join this course. I have suffered from an injury after a surgery 22 years ago and chill is what gives me severe pain. I need 18-20 degrees Celcius to function outdoors. For that reason it was nice to get to sit in a nice and warm car all the way to Bollnäs. It's been a very strong Qifield and I have felt it from the start. At this moment I have no pain at all, the only pain I feel is from an electrical equipment that was surgically put inside my skull and that stops the pain using electricity. The only thing I feel now is the electrical shocks so I will switch off the equipment when I get home. If this continues I will probably get out in the snow during a future Winter Course. As a bonus I have had pain in my back after a visit at my dentist a few months back. I have an injury after a tooth surgery and it is not possible to give me any anesthesia, no one dares to give me a shot. After the dentist drilled my tooth for about 45 minutes I tried to get up but could not do it. I guess I had tensed too much. This pain was released during the course."

Released my great anger

"I have felt the strong Qifield very clearly, in several different ways. It has been a very exciting experience. I have also released my great anger."

Pain in broken collar bone disappeared

"I have noticed many things. The biggest thing for me is my right collar bone because it was broken 8 years ago and I don't have a joint in so it sticks out. Every time I lift my arm it hurts, but now this problem has disappeared."

I feel like myself again

"For the first time in a long time I have felt like myself again. I use medication that affects the central nervous system. I have also noticed how much of my personality the medication has taken away."

Flexible lower back

"My lower back has opened up and become even more flexible. I can get all the way down when squatting with my feet put together!"

Calm and internal glow

"I sleep better, breathe calmer and can make my head calm during long moments. I have got an internal warm glow in my stomach and heart. It feels like I'm HERE for the first time in a long while."

Better concentration and calm ulcer

"During this course I have been able to concentrate well. One morning I noticed that I could relax my hands. I have felt very nice. I can not feel my ulcer now."

Qi and the Qifield

"I have joined several summer courses and have heard that explaining what happens is not that important; when you practice you will understand. During this course I have really understood a lot of things that I previously heard with my ears and possibly understood logically. The Qifield and how Qi works became very palpable during this course."

Calm and rested

"Usually I have cramps and feel very stiff in a calf muscle. It feels more agile now. I usually feel nausea and sleep poorly after I became pregnant, but I have felt no such things during this course. I feel calmer and rested."

Take care of myself

"The best thing about Qigong is that I can take care of myself."

Less sleeping troubles and changed balance

"Two things have changed quite much at this place. My sleeping troubles have become much less severe. I also have problems with my balance. It has changed during the course. At times it feels very well, but sometimes if feels as usual again."

Endurance and strength

"During this course I have been able to perform all the exercises without lowering my arms down. I have got muscles in my upper arms! I have participated in all the sessions, without ever lowering my arms down. When I carried my chair I could feel how strong I have become. It was fun to experience the winter landscape since all we have in Gothenburg is rain."

Jump up and down

"It took me two days to get back to life and feel that you actually can jump up and down."

Improved squats

"The whole course went like a charm. I have been very stiff in my back so the squats were something for me to work on, but now I'm able to get almost all the way down."

Less grief and more power

"I have a period of great grief. Strangely my tears only came a few times and not in rivers like I'm used to. It feels like I have been on a journey from my grief. I have got such large amounts of power that I believe I will do alright at home too."

Relaxation and quietness

"The training has been very comfortable, the most comfortable training I have ever done. I feel a relaxation and quietness that I never felt before."

Shenxin Qigong at the winter course 2008

Increased vigor and no cramps

"I have joined summer courses for 10 years and winter courses for 5 years in the past and this is the first long course that I have been able to do all the exercises at. I have done all the movements without my arms getting numb and falling down. I have greatly increased my flexibility and have been able to work with my hands and arms together in a new way. Additionally I have been able to bend more forward without getting cramps in my midsection, a problem that I have suffered from after an injury 40 years ago! My eyesight has improved and I feel better in every way."

Less coughs and more flexible ankle

"I came here with a severe cough that disappeared after two days and I have felt good after that. This time around the thing that feels most fun for me is my ankle that the doctors wanted to fuse. It has become more flexible!"

Brighter and clearer eyes

"I think that I have become more agile. I notice that when we practice Hold Qi up I can extend the movements more than before. When I was brushing my teeth the other day I saw myself in the mirror and noticed that my eyes were much brighter and clearer. I have had a black 'sad' edge around my iris and all of a sudden it was gone."

Easy to concentrate

"The training has been intensive which suits me very well since I like to train. I was surprised by the fact that it was so easy to concentrate, i.e. to stand in the hall and train without being bothered so much by thoughts that cross my mind. Usually I find that hard but this time it was easy."

Restless legs and improved circulation

"I have much less problems with my restless legs. I can actually see blood vessels on my feet again. My blood circulation has been very poor there. Many other things have happened in my body as well."

Mental strength

"For the first time I was able to do all the wall squats. I have become mentally stronger and more clear in my head. During the excursion I was able to listen to the guide, understand, comprehend, ask and discuss."

More energy and bright eyes

"I have noticed that I cope with so many more things now and that makes me very happy. After the course I will have more energy. I also became aware of the fact that my iris seems to look different; my eyes are much brighter now."

Clear mind

"My head usually feels heavy, but now I rather have a feeling of lightness and my mind is clear."


"Most important for me is that I am happier than when I came."

Relaxed face and calm in my head

"I have trained quite some years and thought I had listened well. I always thought my face was entirely relaxed when training but today I discovered that this was not the case. I felt much calmer in my head when I relaxed the lower part of my cheeks."

Parry sudden movements

"I usually have problems walking outside during winter time. If it is icy on the street and I have to parry sudden movements, I usually feel a lot of pain in my body and have to stand still for a while. This week I have been walking a lot between the building where we sleep and the training hall and at several occasions I slipped on icy parts. However, I have been able to parry sudden movements much better than I am used to. That is a good sign. Furthermore, I have had great fun this week."

Better knees

"I have arthritis I my knees. My left knee has caused me great troubles. I was encouraged to take control and not let my knee decide over me. After that I have felt more relaxed, listened and not let my knee decide over me. It feels great to be able to say that my knees feel much better now that I am on my way home. The CD with seven repetitions will always remind me of this feeling."

A lot of energy

"I have trained for about 10 years and went through a heart surgery last spring after my second Winter Course. I mentally prepared myself for the operation and it went very well. You can read my story on the home page. This year I have even more energy. I am so happy that I have recovered so fast from the surgery. I can cope with so many things now and I am not tired. This year I can use my energy for other things than an operation!"

Not broken down anymore

"I have had a very difficult year and was broken down when I came here. Now my thoughts are in order again and I have got more energy. I would have loved to stay another week, but I also know life is waiting outside. Now I have strength to meet the challenges that lie ahead. I was not feeling well at all when I came but now I am happy and energetic."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen