Hold Qi up Lund [2008-02-09]

There was an informal, friendly atmosphere about both the Lund Friday lecture and the Weekend Course and the new participants seemed to find their way about without effort.

The new participants applied themselves mostly to learning the method as a new tool for their health, while those who had joined courses before noted that courses seem different with time, so that they can now indulge in fine-tuning their movements and relaxing more and more in the Qi field.

There is this determination here to practise and people care for each other and want to get together on the Organized Evening Training. That provides them with a stable basis for supporting and inspiring each other to achieve success with Qigong.

Some opinions after the course

"The course was very rewarding and there was a very nice atmosphere. The lessons were very clear about all the movements. It was a good idea also, to have us split into pairs now and then, so that we could get to know each other. It was very positive".

"I thought the instructions were very good. It was very rewarding and I got a very clear idea of what to do and so on. The whole course felt very good, so I'm very pleased".

"I feel very happy about this course. It was very good to get a weekend course with this many hours in a row".

"I actually longed to be here because there is such warmth here and everybody cares so much for me, not just with food and the like, but there is such fine companionship here. So that made me sort of long to come here. And then you do get a refill of lots and lots of energy".

"I find there's improvement every time. I'm very pleased with the course and with the fact that I was able to stand up all the time, for instance".

"I'm very pleased with it, for having come here and for having got a tool for managing my physical health in the best way when I reach old age. Thank you very much".


Max Björkström