Hold Qi up Helsingborg [2008-01-26]

A wet and windy weekend in Helsingborg, but really suitable for a Hold Qi Up course.

The participants were met by a Helsingborg in storm and rain. Those who dared to enter the roads to go to the course had many nice moments together. Just as usual many students repeated the course.

Zhineng qigongkurs i Helsingborg

Here are some of the participants own stories at the end of the course:

When I came I had pain in my back. During Sunday I got better.

The course was fascinating and thrilling. I am very content.

Most of my sciatica disappeared.

The arm movements pull, push was an aha experience.

The course gives me a kick to continue my daily practice.

I have had pain in my hands and feet. The doctors planned an operation on my feet but it was never carried through. I am just as happy about that and I no longer need support in my shoes and pain is gone.

On Saturday I had pain everywhere and was really tired. Today my pain released and I have practiced very calm and relaxed.


Arne Nordgren