Hold Qi up Mariehamn [2008-02-02]

Storm, rain, snow, much more storm. The weather was favoring qigong practicing. And so they thought in Åland. More than twenty participants gathered to learn and practice Hold Qi Up at the first weekend course for the year. There was a lot of good training and many of the participants could tell us about good results. Here are some excerpts:

Migraine disappeared

Earlier I could have migraine between five to fifteen days per month. After two summer courses it was gone.

I use Qigong to handle my stress and to feel well.

Better sleep with Zhineng Qigong

This night I slept like a log.

I have less sleeping problems and my back is better.

Pain reduction with Zhineng Qigong

I suffer from pain in my joints. Qigong makes my joints flexible and reduces pain. Qigong is a very good rehabilitation. I can't find anything better. And I also get happy when practicing.

I use qigong to reduce pain. When I feel pain I practice for about two or three days and then pain disappears. Then maybe I am free from pain during half a year. I cannot find anything that is better for my neck and shoulders.

I had been waiting for a back operation for about a year when I joined a qigong course. On Monday afterwards I walked in a new way. I also decided to say no to the operation.

My stomach problems disappeared, and I am really calm.

Zhineng qigong at Mariehamn 2008


Arne Nordgren