Hold Qi up Stockholm [2008-02-02]

The first weekend in February it was time for the first basic course in Stockholm this semester. As usual both beginners and more advanced students participated. No matter how long time we have practiced we can still get a lot from a basic course. We participate in the Qi-feld, correct the movements and practice together which increase the possibility to get good results. The more experienced students are also a great help for the ones who attend a course for the first time. To help other people is an important part in the philosophy of Zhineng Qigong. Many of the participants talked warmly about the summer course where we really have a great possibility to get good results from the training.

From the participants comments:

Pain, Whiplash

"People have asked me many times; "You are that young but you have already have pain in your body. What will it be like when you're old?" I wonder that to. This weekend I've realised that I've abused my life."

"I've practised ten years. In the beginning I could hardly walk. I suffered from whiplash and asthma. Now I do oriental dance. I was asked to perform on a New Year party last week, and I said yes. I didn't do any wrong movements and I wasn't nervous at all. I would never dream of doing such a thing ten years ago."

Calmer, more energetic

"This was my third course. I'm more and more energetic and I'm getting calmer and calmer. The back problems that I had when I came to my first course are gone. Then I could barely walk and I had problems with sciatica."

"For me the training is a process. My results hasn't come all of sudden. Instead it's like peeling a onion, one layer at the time. Now I'm calmer and stand more firmly on earth. The patient training has helped me. The summer courses have also been very useful for me."

"Qigong helps me to keep a good mood in the dark wintertime. With Qigong it's easier to keep calm."

"As I have a small child at home it's fantastic to have the opportunity to participate only one day. I've had a serious depression but I notice that I don't have to take as much medicine as others with the same kind of mental problems. I really feel that I get results from the time I spend on practicing Qigong. Qigong is a good tool that helps me through all phases in life."

"I started to practice Qigong because of back problems. Those problems disappeared quite fast. I also had problem sleeping but instead of just laying awake in bed I went up to practice. Then I slept much better. I'm happy that I participated in the summer course as I increased my understanding about Qigong. I use to write down the positive effects that I get from my training. I get used to the improvements so fast that I sometimes forget how my health state was before."

The course

"This is my second course. Now I realise that I have a lot to learn. This course I learned many details that I didn't get last time. The course is very pedagogic and it's easy to follow and learn from the instructions. Qigong helps me to keep calm in my everyday life."

"This was my first course. I'm happy and impressed that I've managed to be here. Recently I got quite many health problems and in the end of this month I'll have an operation. A friend of mine practice Zhineng Qigong and when she heard about my operation she recommended me to attend a course so that I could use the training as a tool to get back."

"A great course! Just to practice is a kind of training. It's easier to do mundane things. The body works better."


Lars Hagner