Hold Qi up Ljungby [2008-01-26]

The weather varied a lot during the basic course in Ljungby this spring term. The wind blew strongly and the rain hit the windows on Saturday. Sunday the sun glared down from a cloudless sky. Still, in the training hall it was calm the whole weekend. Beginners together with more advanced students took the chance to learn and practice Hold Qi Up in a strong Qifeld. The concentration was high when practicing but during the breaks the volume rose and we could hear many happy laughter and discussions. We were offered tea and homemade cookies which was highly appreciated. On Sunday a friend to our contact person in Ljungby made fish soup and rice pudding for us.

Many of the students expressed their gratitude for the weekly group training, which is a possibility to practice in a strong Qifeld and to get questions answered.

Comments from the participants

Pain, eye problems, soft body

"Yesterday when I came here I had pain in my shoulder, hip and leg but I must say that it's much better now. I got pain in a new place today but that pain has disappeared as well."

"I've been to a basic course before. I got a real aha-experience when I was going horse riding after the course. Usually it's hard for me to get up on the horse back but then it was like five years ago. When I went home from the course I had pain in my eyes and then one evening when I wanted to read I could do it without any problem. Something must have happened with my eyes. Usually I can't read at night. I can strongly recommend this training!"

"I attended my first course 2000. I've got many good results and I can only talk positively about the training. This course I've had pain in my eyes. I use to have some eye problems but maybe something has happened now. I was going to call the chiropractic next week as I have had pain in a hip but I'll wait. I think something happened in my hip, leg and back during the course. Maybe I won't need the chiropractic. The summer courses are great! I went there all alone but I was received in a great way and enjoyed the course very much."

"This is my third basic course. I think my allergy is better. My balance is better as well even though it's not good. I think I'm softer now as my joints don't crack anymore."

"My body is softer now. For several years I've been dizzy but suddenly I realised that I'm not dizzy anymore. Maybe I can start biking again. The course has been very good."

Summer course, repeat courses

"I attended my first course last year. Today I've learnt a lot. I get more from the movements now than before."

"I've practiced a couple of years. Last year I attended the summer course. After the summer course I decided that I'll keep on practicing for the rest of my life. Not to practice would be as stupid as it would be not to brush the teeth. If I don't practice I feel that I miss something – like if the teeth were dirty. Even though I've been to many basic courses I learn new things all the time. I think I do the movements right but I realise that it's just in my head I do them right."

"I've practiced for five years. If you learn the training I don't understand why not use it. This is a great tool that you can use in all situation, for instance to get calm or to get rid of pain in the body. Use it! The summer course was a great experience. I realised that I'm the one in control of myself. Nobody else! I can barely talk about the summer course because it sounds too good. But when I think about what happened, it was only me practicing. I did it myself. It was not someone doing some strange kind of healing. I practiced, that was all. It's fantastic!"

"I've been to many basic courses and also a summer course. The fact that I keep coming course speaks for itself."


Angelica Berg