Hold Qi up Helsinki [2008-01-26]

The first basic course in Hold Qi Up in Helsinki for this year was held at Svenska Studiecentralen right in the heart of the city, which made it easy for everybody to attend the course. A lot of people had joined and a number of the repeating students pointed out the importance of repetition, you understand and acquire more knowledge the more courses you attend.

From the participants comments:


"I was really alert yesterday evening after the first day of the course!"

"I have been more energetic this winter when I have trained. I have had bad balance because of bad feet, but it´s become better."

Calmness, relaxation

"When I´m home and getting ready to train, I just have to switch on the CD, and and I become like the dogs of Pavlov, but instead of starting to drool I become calm and relaxed."

"This is the third time I join this course, and it´s just now that I have realized what relaxation could mean."

Helsingfors 080127

Neck, shoulders

"My neck has been very tense, and already after my first course something came loose. I can sleep better and am therefore much more alert. I would like to cope with my problems with digestion to, now it´s time to join the summer course."

" It has happened so many cool things, my shoulder was bad and I didn´t even get down to my knees when I started. This is also a good way to focus and find some peace of mind."

Nerve damage

"I´ve had surgery in my back and they damaged a nerv. I have no feeling in my foot, it´s totally benumbed. I train every day and now I can bend far down. I feel it working in my muscles in my leg. I´m very inspired."


"I´m here for the first time. I have damages in my knee. It has become better during this weekend, I haven´t had to take any pain killers. It´s also great fun to stand together to do the same movements."

"I have trained periodically, when I´ve trained I´ve felt good. During last years summer course I could reduce my medicine a lot. I have taken it for four years. I have the last bit to go now to become free from it, and I will train a lot now so I can get rid of it."


Lars Hagner