Hold Qi up Karis [2007-11-24]

This fall's course in Karis, Finland, was on November 24th-25th in Västra Nylands folkhögskola. Many eager and curious participants gathered in the school's nice dance hall to learn Hold Qi Up. Many of the new participants had joined the course because of relatives and friends, who have practised the method themselves and have had good results. Others had never heard about the method before, but still felt that they wanted to try it out. With great enthusiasm and good spirit the participants could quickly learn the movements and the results did not keep us waiting. Many expressed their appreciation for the pedagogical outline of our courses, something they felt helped them understand and learn the exercise.

From the participants' own comments.

Stiffness between the shoulder blades

"This has been a really interesting course. My body feels good, and the stiffness between my shoulder blades is already better."

Frozen shoulder

"I practised actively for two months after my first course and I got hooked on Qigong then. I have a frozen shoulder and I have really had help with that."

Blocked nose opened up

"There is such an amazing level of aesthetics and harmony in the movements. It feels great! I'm convinced that this will be good for my operated back and shoulder. During the Qi regulation yesterday, when we concentrated on the head, I felt that my nose, which is always blocked, opened up. Something was just lifted off of my nose."

Relaxation and better standing posture

"I feel so relaxed today. It's good to do something that simple that is also good for my concentration. It's also great to get my standing posture corrected."

Can see the improvement in others

"I forget how bad I was. It's also fun to follow the improvements of these young adults as they practise. In just a few months you see such a great improvement. You can see that they feel better, have less pain and more energy. Sometimes it's easier to see the improvement in others than in yourself."

Back and shoulders, worry and stress, crooked body

"It's like a snowball effect, the more I practise, the more I want to practise. I have no problems with my shoulders or back even though I often sit at my computer. I can handle worry and stress better. My body used to be crooked, but now I stand straighter. First, practising was something I did to feel that I was a good girl. Nowadays, I reward myself by practising Qigong, in the same way as one would reward oneself with e.g. a nightcap or chocolate."

Problems sleeping, posture

"I've been practising more lately. When I started practising Qigong, I was in a downward trend. Now the trend is upward, even though I have to struggle sometimes. I was exhausted and had problems sleeping. These problems have been partially corrected. My posture is better and I have no problems, e.g., in my shoulders, even when I sit at the computer."

Softer shoulders, improved hearing

"I have some problems with my hearing due to my stiff shoulders. Massaging the shoulder area has helped occasionally. Yesterday, there was a burning sensation in my ear and I think it has improved in the same way as it does because of massage. My shoulders feel a lot softer."

More power

"The course has been really interesting and fun. I've practised different methods, yoga and other things, but I feel I want to practise something that gives me more power. The fact that we smile when practising feels good. I feel that the smile kind of spreads throughout my body. The idea that you can greet life with a smile is wonderful!"


Jeanette Heidenberg