Shenxin Qigong Kungsängen [2008-01-19]

This year's first basic course was held in Kungsängen. There were many repeating students in the course, but about a fourth were beginners. The participants talked about a strong feeling of Qi and many had concrete improvements during the course. The feeling was positive and many talked about the winter course in Shenxin Qigong.

Below follows some comments from the participants.

Pain in ribs disappeared

"After the course's first day, I fell asleep early. During the night I turned many times. I noticed that afterwards. Usually, I have to sit up in bed in order to be able to turn, otherwise I get cramps in my side. I used to have pain in my right ribs, but I don't feel that today. I feel a lot more alert today than yesterday."

Powerful new start

"I've practised Hold Qi Up for three years and have had good results. I haven't practised much lately and I felt I needed a powerful new start. I received more than I could wish for. I've felt like I did in my first Qigong course. Many things have happened, both physically and mentally during the course."

Softer and more flexible

"A few weeks ago, I fell on the ice and suffered a mild concussion. I also had pain in my neck and throat. Yesterday, my neck hurt and my airways opened. Today, my body feels more flexible and softer."

Practicing Shenxin Qigong

Improved circulation

"I was corrected and told to relax my knees and stand softer. Then things started happening in my entire body, as well as in my head. It's amazing how much this kind of tension in one part of the body can affect the circulation."

Better posture

"I was also told that my knees were too tense. When I stood in the new way, my posture was completely different. The circulation flowed through my legs and I had a very strong feeling of Qi. It felt a bit like at the winter course!"

The pain in the chest disappeared

"During some time now I've felt a pressure or some kind of pain in my chest on the left side. It has continued over the trapezius muscle and a bit down into my back. Because I had heart surgery as I child, I was nervous and thought I was having a heart attack. I know I shouldn't be thinking that, but I do anyway. Yesterday, my shoulders felt sore. Today, the pressure and pain in the chest have disappeared completely. My body and hands feel softer today. I like Hold Qi Up a lot, but I get better results from Shenxin Qigong."

Retaining Qi in between courses

"I often participate in courses and lately I've noticed that I can retain my Qi better and better in between courses. Earlier, I was always a bit dissatisfied when leaving a course, but now I see that it's between courses that I can notice how much I have improved. The Summer and Winter courses gives me the most."

Increased energy and no back pain

"On Saturday, I was terribly tired. I have worked a lot and have been sitting in front of my computer for days at an end for the past two months. I was so focused on a report that I had to hand in, that I didn't allow myself to notice how I felt. At the end of this period, I felt like I would make it and then my back hurt. Today I'm alert and I don't feel the pain in my back any longer. I'm more human when I practise Qigong than when I sit in front of my computer. From now on I will focus on my health and wellbeing."

Like a full body massage

"Prior to this course I had participated in an introduction course in Qigong with another organization. I chose this form of Qigong and this course because I'm interested in body awareness. I can tell I can get that from this exercise. Going back home in my car yesterday, I felt like I had had a full body massage. My whole body felt flexible and soft. This course has been better than I had expected."

Energetic start of the year

"I felt alert when I came to the course and even more alert now. This was a good way to start the year."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen