HQU 2 Stockholm [2007-12-01]

The first weekend in December, this semesters' last course in Stockholm, Hold Qi Up level 2, took place. Christmas is coming which was shown not the least during the breaks when we had saffron bun and ginger bread with Qigong-motive on, made by some participants.

Several of the participants travelled quite far to attend the course, from Lund, Åbo, Bollnäs, Linköping, Västerås to mention some places. Except the advantage from practicing in a strong Qi-feld, many participants expressed the joy meeting Qigongfriends as a reason to attend the course.

A course in Hold Qi Up level 2 offers a lot of training and also much time to correct the movements more detailed. Practicing with a good quality can make us get better results from the training.

Comments from the participants:

Training and the course

"I've practiced two years. It has been a very good course with a lot of training. La Qi has been very efficient for me this time. Usually La Qi warms my hands up but this time my arms were heated up all the way up to the elbows. I got head ache today and considered taking a migraine pill but I didn't. In the afternoon the pain was gone."

"This is my first enhanced Hold Qi Up to and I've already signed up for the next course. I've learned much and I've also corrected my movements a lot."

"It's been a great weekend and it's good to correct the movements. I have for instance knee wear but after a weekend like this they feel much better. In Stockholm there are great possibilities to practice. You wouldn't miss a Tuesday training if you don't really have to."

"This was my first enhanced Hold Qi Up and I'm very tired. It's been a great course and I'm very grateful that I found this training."

"It's been a great course and I've enjoyed the training very much. Before I felt calmer travelling to another place to attend courses but now I can be calm at home as well even though many deadlines waiting."

"It was quite some time since I practiced in a group. I expected to be tired but I've been energetic. In the autumn my neck and arm got really locked up. Because I knew how to relax I got much better results from the naprapath treatment."

"This was my first enhanced Hold Qi Up and I've learned many new things. The training is helpful both for the body and mind."

"I want to thank for the corrections. The weekend has given me a lot. I've had a tough autumn. My teenager has problems at school. I've had a pressure on my chest and negative thoughts. It's been difficult to get them out. I've been very tired. Thanks to my daily Qigong-training I've been able to get this far. The course has been a lift for me and it's great fun to meet Qigongfriends."

Meet friends

"It has been a good course. For me it's important to come here as I don't have a practice group in Linköping where I come from. It's good to come here, get inspiration and to meet everybody."

"I came from Åbo and I've practiced 4 years. I attend quite many courses and it's fascinating to see that every course is very different. It's great to come here and to meet everybody. All the known faces make it feel like summer again. I enjoy the circle discussions very much. They give me a lot. They can make me happy for days."

"I came from Finland. We have a lot of courser there as well but it's great to come here and to meet all friends. When I started to practice I had a lot of problems, mentally as well as physically. Due to the training I don't have them today."

"I come from Lund. It's nice to be here. In every way I've made big progress. It's great to attend courses. In Stockholm you got great possibilities to practice and I'm happy for you. I feel that my waste is more flexible. There are small improvements all the time."

"I live in Gävle and I don't have a practice group to join. Therefore it's very good to come here and to correct the movements. It's also great to meet all the others. I get to know more people all the time and I enjoy that very much."

"I come from Åbo and it's been great to be here. I've got a lot of Qi and I'm greatful for that."

Cytotoxin and burned out

"I've got great results from the training. I can only tell you about some of them. I've been able to quit my cytotoxin that I take against a lethal kind of rheumatism without getting the disease back. I've started to work again after being on the sick list for three years. I've very grateful that I started to practice. I had given up the hope."

Qigong in the daily life

"This was my first enhanced Hold Qi Up. Mentally I have a lot to work with. I try to get Qigong more and more into my every day life. Think more about relaxation and to use my mind in a good way. It's important to learn to handle things in the daily life in a good way instead of having to lock oneself in to keep calm. The summer course gave me a lot. I can strongly recommend it."

"Nowadays I have a small child at home. Therefore I haven't been able to attend many courses this autumn and I haven't practiced as much as I used to do. Then it's very important to get Qigong into the daily life, to do the dishes from Qigong principles. Yesterday I felt a bit low and tired but I managed to change my way of thinking. I can not enough express how grateful I am for the Qigong training. It's great to be here and meet my Qigong friends. Thanks for a great course."


Lars Hagner