Hold Qi up Bergen [2007-11-03]

Bergen, as well as Kvinnherad, is situated on the east coast of Norway. There are many fjords, water course, sea and even seven peaks. Twisting roads and houses climb on rand and mountainsides, sometimes in a hair raising way, a surrounding that stimulates the eyes as well as the brain. Here, as well, the learning was very fast which made it possible to practice much. The course took place in a school in Sandsli and the nice halls contributed to an easy and relaxed atmosphere. The more advanced students told how nice it is to attend courses as it's always a good atmosphere. They also talked about the advantages after spending many hours in a strong Qi-feld. One of the participants knew from experience that now for weeks it would be much easier for him to get out of bed in the morning.

Over the years many participants have got improvements and got help with different problems but this time the mental improvements were pointed out. This kind of results was unexpected and also getting more and more important as the ability to handle stress and to keep calm can improve the life quality.

Bergen HQU nov 07

Comments from the course

"The best result for me is that I sleep much better nowadays. I don't lay down, wriggling in bed. Instead I fall asleep immediately."

"My body was very stiff when I first came to the course but the tensions eased quickly."

"I've felt that the pressure was much higher. I felt Qi even when we didn't practice Hold Qi Up and that's a big thing."

"I'm a beginner and this is the first time I practice Qigong properly. It has been a very positive experience".

"When I came to the course my concentration was very poor but now it's better."


Elisabeth Öberg