Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2007-11-17]

At the last basic course in Hold Qi Up in Gothenburg most of the participants were repeating the course therefore the beginners got a lot of attention and they were well taken care of by their course mates. They learned the movements very fast which made it possible to practice a lot. Saturday, around lunchtime, you could see the well known lustre in the participants face and the whole weekend was characterized by a relaxed, happy and easy atmosphere. On Sunday it was noticed that the weekend passed very fast. Also some things got clearer or like somebody expressed, "Right now I don't understand at all why I don't attend more basic courses."

Comments from the course

The lecture

"I attended the lecture before the basic course and I notice a big difference. This time I was prepared to practice this weekend already on Friday. I think the lecture was very good and that the weekend has given me a lot."

"The lecture really gave a lot of information. You think you've heard everything before but this lecture gave me something extra."

Better balance

"I've improved my standing posture this course."


"This was my first course and I don't think it was the last one either. I feel very relaxad."

"I've been able to relax very fast. Usually it's difficult for me but it was very easy here."

Results from the training with ZQ

"Since I started with Zhineng Qigong my hip has recovered and my sleeping problems are gone. I've got a lot of help and so many things have happened that I can't even tell you about everything."

"Prior my right side was very stiff but due to the training I'm much more flexible. I couldn't put my shoes on before but now I can."

"I suffer from rheumatism in my muscles but if I practise regularly I don't feel it."

"I don't catch cold easily anymore."

Correct the movements

"It's great to come here and repeat. I got corrections this time that really made things happen."

"Now I understand how good it is to correct the movements and that I need to attend more courses."

Training quality improved

"This basic course was really good for me as we've been practicing a lot. I've also been able to practice, secretly, on my own much more. For instance when the teacher spoke I used the time to practice. For me, personally, this course has been really good and a lot of things have happened.


Elisabeth Öberg