Hold Qi up Canterbury [2007-11-03]

The first Canterbury Weekend Course was held in beautiful rural settings, typical of the county of Kent in South-eastern England.

As usual there were those among these participants too, who had decided to get to grips with troublesome health problems, but also others, who had come out of interest in Qigong as a means of developing themselves in different ways. After finishing the course there was a discussion about starting a regular evening training together, which is a very good support for the continued everyday practice at home.

Some opinions from the course

"I think this is good for stretching and balancing your body, and I realized that I'm not very fit".

"To my surprise I enjoyed it. It was very enlightening. Today I find that my left shoulder (which was injured after a serious fall some ten years before) is more flexible".

"I found great reduction in gravity, I felt much lighter. Also a lot more flexible".

"I feel that my body is a lot more flexible now. I really enjoyed it, and it will be helpful in my work".


Max Björkström