Hold Qi up Stjørdal [2007-11-10]

For the first time ever we arranged a course in Stjördal, three miles outside of Trondheim, Norway. With high expectations and a lot of enthusiasm the participants started to learn the exercises that were included in the course. At the same time the first snow was falling, slowly turning the landscape into white. The atmosphere was great and as one of the participants said: "time passed by very quickly as it does when you have a nice time". Another person said that she "didn't regret participating in the course for a second of the day". "Exciting", was the most frequently heard comment from others who already are thinking about joining our summer course. Many of those who participated will meet once a week, starting already this week, to practice together.

LUQ, Stjördal HT 2007

Some comments from the participants

Standing still

"I'm a bit surprised; I usually have difficulties standing on my feet for more than two minutes. After a while I have to move. The fact is that I have been able to focus and there have not been any problems to stand on my feet for a longer time. Even my ordinary pain in my back and shoulders is gone".

Calm and relaxed

"I notice that I have become calmer during the course".

"I have been more relaxed and haven't been thinking about my work during these days and that's a very good thing. My thoughts normally are filled with working problems during the weekends. I felt a strong feeling of warmth (heat) when we practice La Qi".

"During the course I have been more relaxed, in a way it's supposed to be".

"Last night I was very relaxed, this relaxed I haven't been for ten years. I also had a night with a good sleep".


"I feel softer just by being here, softer than before ".

"Today I can put my feet together, which was impossible on Saturday. I'm also able to stretch out my arm in full and that too was not possible before this course".

"I have used a lot of muscles that I didn't know I have and my body has become softer this weekend, I can stretch out more than before".


"I felt the Qi-field already when I got close to Stjördal. It has been a fantastic course and a very nice weekend, thank you".

"I have felt that the Qi-field has been very strong these days".

"When we had Qi-regulation yesterday I felt a warm feeling in my whole body, it was streaming through my arm and this feeling filled my eyes with tears. When we had Qi-regulation today I felt like there was a pendulum that was going back and fourth between my shoulder blades, but it didn't hurt".

Neck and Shoulders

"I felt my neck and my shoulders the first day and there was a radiating feeling up in my head. When I came home everything fell into place and I had a nice evening, calm and relaxed. When I went to bed I felt as if my head was empty and that was a very pleasant feeling. I too feel softer in my body".

"I felt pain in my shoulders yesterday but it's gone today. The course has been very nice".

Sore throat and coughing

"When I came here I had a sore throat, but it disappeared the first day, now I feel okay".

"This method must be excellent because yesterday many in this group were coughing a lot, but today none of them is, it's silent. So this Qigong seem to be good for a lot of things".


Kate Ohlsson