Shenxin Qigong Mariehamn [2007-11-17]

A lot of those that joined Shenxin Qigong in Mariehamn before chose to repeat the course this time. They got repetition, quite a lot of corrections and a lot of Qi. Some persons got palpable results during the course. Several persons got new insights concerning the training and a more relaxed attitude towards Qigong. During the lessons the activity was focused and in the breaks the sound level increased very fast when the participants discussed with one another.

Below follows some of the participant's comments.


"In the past I have joined weekend courses in Shenxin Qigong as well as the Winter course, but in spite of this I came to this course with a lot of curiosity. Thursday before the course I lifted some heavy stuff all by myself and got a real lumbago. I had to use crutches to be able to move around. It was almost fun to get lumbago that close to the course. I was very curious to know if I would be able to get rid of it during the weekend. I hoped for success but was a little doubtful. When I came to the course at 9 AM this morning I wondered if I would be able to get my hands on the floor by 3 PM but it happened as early as 11.30 AM! I have never become that well in this short time!"


"I also got rid of some back pains at a Shenxin course in Stockholm a while ago. My chiropractor told me that I wasn't allowed to join any courses, but I did it anyway and got much better after only an hour or so. Yesterday I felt very alert after a days worth of training so I practiced Shenxin at home and slept very well."

Practicing Shenxin in Mariehamn (Åland) 2007

Relaxed and concentrated

"This is my third Shenxin course and I've had several aha-experiences. I've had a lot of good corrections and every time I get them I feel that I can take a couple of steps forward. It felt incredible cool when the relaxation came and I with a minimum of muscle tension just followed the flow. During the last training I had a level of concentration that felt in my whole skull and was very intense. That training was very powerful. Practicing Shenxin Qigong gives me a lot."

Less sway-backed

"I'm struggling to be able to relax during the exercise. Today the curve of my back felt better than when I arrived at the course, I got my waist to move more backwards."

Deeper relaxation

"Although I have joined the Winter course I have during this course been able to relax deeper than before. It was unexpected and fun."

A pleasant extra bonus

"During my first Shenxin Course I got help with my migraine, and that surprised me. I practice Hold Qi up and like it. Shenxin Qigong feels like a very pleasant extra bonus."

Tinnitus and a new attitude

"I joined my first course a year ago and have practiced somewhat regularly since then. I haven't practiced well and not been concentrated or enthusiastic about the training. During this year I have still had fewer problems with tinnitus. During this weekend I have started to understand and feel the Qifield and even started to think about my attitude towards the relaxation. If I got good results without really trying I should be able to get better results if I make an effort. I should also be able to enjoy the process more."


"I love all kinds of Qigong and Shenxin Qigong feels invigorating."

Like a new method

"I think that I can get more out of practicing Hold Qi up when I practice Shenxin Qigong. During this course I feel like I learned a new method since I got some very good corrections."

Chronical tiredness

"I have felt chronically tired during quite a while, but now I'm getting more normal. I keep improving but get a little depressed now and then. I'm content."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen