Hold Qi up Borgå [2007-11-10]

The rain rattled against the windows and the wind howled outside of Borgå Folkakademi where a small group had come together to take part in the weekend course in Hold Qi Up. Inside of the hall it was nevertheless warm and cozy, with happy faces and lots of laughter. The participants where from all age groups, a couple of younger participants had came with their moms. Everybody showed great commitment through helping each other with the movements but also through voluntarily helping with practical choirs such as tea making and cleaning up after the course. One of the younger participants said she felt like an elephant when learning the movements – but a happy elephant.

Extract from comments by the participants:

Numbing, ache

"I've also had problems with my right arm getting benumbed and aching. The arm still gets benumbed sometimes but the ache has completely disappeared with Qigong practice."


"I took my first course one month ago. I have trouble sleeping, and I wake up early every morning and can't fall asleep again. But now I've gotten up to practice and that has compensated for the loss of sleep."


"After our first basic course my daughter had an amazing result. She is stuttering and after two days it was like someone had turned the volume up, she was speaking loud and clear. It is fortunate that we have found this. Not even a weekend for people who stutter has managed to achieve such a noticeable change."

Dislocated shoulder

"One morning I woke up with a dislocated shoulder and I practiced Qigong and the shoulder rolled back into place."

Back pain

"I've had back pain and suffered because of being a so called good girl. After the first course in March I had a positive feeling, it gave me more energy and the back pain started to get better. Qigong has already given me a lot. I've not had back pain since spring because of a number of reasons such as acupuncture, but also the Qigong practice."


"This weekend has been wonderful, I feel how the energy is flowing in the body."


Camilla Heidenberg