Hold Qi up Stockholm [2007-11-10]

The last basic course in Stockholm this semester contained a lot of training and also interesting lectures about Qigong and about how we are influenced by our thoughts. There were quite many beginners and they were eager to learn this, for them, new self training art. One of the participants decided to attend the course after seeing us at the far eastern museum this autumn where he found the movements very beautiful.

As in every course several students chose to repeat the course. Even though you know the movements and you might have practiced for several years, a fast way to get good results is to practice in the strong Qi-feld you find in our courses. To repeat the course is also a good way to correct the movements and not the least to help and inspire the beginners to continue to practice.

From the participants comments:


"I've practised Qigong for 6 months and during this time I've got amazingly results. Yesterday I showed my mom a scar that I had for 46 years after a burn. It has almost completely disappeared and what's left of it has a different colour and texture."


"I think this is good for me, it feels exciting."

No medicines, free from pain

"I've practised almost every day since I attended my first course 1999. The pain I had then is now gone and the medicine I took I don't need anymore."

Allergy, skin problems

"When I started to practice six years ago I had severe allergies, intolerance to gluten, bad immune system and many tough colds. Now I can eat almost everything, have no allergies or tough colds. I had very painful skin problems that covered my whole upper body. They disappeared completely during the summer course last year."


"Qigong has made me much happier and more sociable. My body is softer and more comfortable to live in. I want to congratulate all of you who found this Qigong-method."

Improvements in general

"When I started I could hardly walk by my self. The doctor said that I couldn't improve my health but I have made great improvements from practising Zhineng Qigong."


"I've practised Zhineng Qigong every day for four years. I feel much more relaxed. It feels like my body is purified when I practice Qigong."


"This weekend has been a real energy boost. In November it's usually grey and boring so it's nice to be here. My body is much softer now."

"I came here to get inspiration. During the course I feel more harmonious and my energy level has increased."


"The course has been very interesting. I noticed that my body is quite stiff. I will try to attend the group training."

"I´m also beginner. It has been interesting and it has given me a lot."


"I'm very satisfied. For a long time I'm been curious about Qigong and Qi. My wryneck disappeared after yesterdays training."

"I came here because of general curiosity. It feels like something is happening in my body."

"I've practiced for a couple of years and I started with the summer course. It was a great beginning. I didn't start to practice due to any health problems. I was just curios. Then, as well as now, I have many things to do. The difference is that nowadays I'm in better control. I can easier steer and put the break in when I need. I'm more present in my every day life."

Mental results

"I've practiced for three years. Qigong, for me, is a base, especially mentally. I'm calmer and I can see things more clearly. That makes me save a lot of time as I'm not as confused as before. Physically my joints are much better. It's easier to handle physical pain if you're calm. Congratulations to all of you who have found this training."

Problems with the back and the legs

"This is my second course. I have got great results from the training. The problems with my back and legs are almost gone."

Beautiful movements

"I saw someone practicing Hold Qi Up and I was very fascinated by the beautiful movements. I want my body and mind to more peaceful."

Support in everyday life

"I travel from Linköping to attend the course and to get inspiration. The training is a great support in my daily life which sometimes can be a bit stressful."


Lars Hagner