Hold Qi up Copenhagen [2007-10-27]

The second course in Danmark has now taken place, in Copenhagen to be more specific. Several of the students attending the last course had inspired other people to attend this course, therefore the course was a good mix of beginners and more advanced students. The atmosphere during the weekend was very good.

Comments from the participants:

Good atmosphere

"I've very much enjoyed being in this course. This kind of movements suits my mind. Until the next course here in Copenhagen I'll do my very best."

"The feeling during the course has been great and very calm."

"I'm happy for this course. The atmosphere has been great and I have had a fantastic feeling in the body."

"I'm glad that I found this course. I've felt very much welcome and I want to give Qigong a try."

Less pain and less stress

"I'm very surprised that this weekend has given me this much. It's like a new world. Yesterday I had a lot of pain in the upper part of my arm but today the pain is completely gone."

"What wonderful people from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark attending this course. Yesterday I had a lot of pain in my back, like cramp in a place which use to be problematic for me. Today it was much less painful. I think Qigong will be helpful against stress and to keep more calm."

"This simple and still this fantastic! Before the course I was stressed and I thought it would be a long weekend but it feel like everything just gone smoothly".

Energy and the Qi-field

"It has been a great experience of energy, like a flow in my whole body. My sense of the body has improved and it's great to practice together with others."

"It's great to attend a course again. I've practiced at home so now it's great to correct the movements. The concentration is completely different when practicing this many people together. I'm pregnant and the last 5 weeks I've been very tired. I've just felt like sleeping the whole day around. Yesterday I felt energetic for a while and this morning I felt almost like I use to feel."

"I'm very enthusiastic. It gives more energy practising many people together."

Better sense of the body

"Even though I've attended many courses they are all different. My standing posture is much better. The scar from the operation inside my body feels better."


Fatima Ringvall