Hold Qi up Kvinnherad [2007-10-20]

Kvinnherad is situated in the mainland by the sea, surrounded by fjords. There is coast, islands and sea together with the deep fjords. We could see mountains covered by snow, green valleys with beautiful beaches, cliffs and mountain slope that dropped hundreds of meters down in the water. There is often a long distance between the villages. The small roads twisted through the scenery. You never know what you'll find after the next crest. You need the ferry to get to the destination. Despite long distances and the sometimes hard road participants came from several villages in Kvinnherad. There were also participants from Bergen, spending many hours to get to the Qi-feld and the weekend course in Lofallstrand. The new participants received a lot of help from the more advanced students. The learning was intensive and the students got into the movements quickly. The scenery outside was dramatic; still there was a calm and relaxed atmosphere during the course. Several of the more advanced students expressed the importance of getting the movements corrected. By doing the movement better you also develop and get better results from the training.

Kvinnherad HQU oct 07

Comments from the participants

"I feel very relaxad today. Zhineng Qigong helps me to handle my disease. I've got enough energy to start work again. I've been to this weekend course to build myself up again."

"The training makes my body softer and it's a daily need. The training helps me to carry out my daughter's disease. It gives physical and mental help to both of us."

"I needed this course. I got more energy."

"The training gives me a soft and nice body and mental balance."

Time for oneself

"It has been great to have some time for my own health and wellbeing. The course has been well structured with good instructions. I'm pleased."

Standing posture, breath and sleep

"My standing posture and breathing has improved during the course. Yesterday I was very tired and I slept very heavily, which is positive as I usually have sleeping problems."


Elisabeth Öberg