Hold Qi up Trondheim [2007-10-27]

Once again there was time for a course in Norway, Trondheim to be more specific. Outside it was typically weather for the autumn, cold with rain and heavy wind but inside the training hall the atmosphere was warm. The participants were very focused and participated in the training with joy.

One participant with a heavy inward curve of the lower part of the back got straighten up during the course. Another student noticed the hands got straighter. All the participants aim to keep on practicing and to join the weekly group training in Trondheim.

Some comments from the course

"The atmosphere has been very nice during the course and in the group."

"Usually I don't have the energy to stand still for more than 10 minutes because my back get tired but now I've been standing up for two days."

"It has been two or three – if I also count the lecture – wonderful days. I'll definitely keep on practicing."

"I started the course with a heavy head ache. I'm very stiff in my neck and my shoulders. The headache was gone yesterday afternoon and today something happened in my neck. Now the neck is soft as well."


Elisabeth Öberg