Hold Qi up Vasa [2007-10-20]

Despite really chilly autumn weather outside, the atmosphere inside the facilities of Sundom Youth Association in Vaasa was warm and friendly. We had gathered there to learn and practice Zhineng Qigong together during the weekend of 20-21 October. It was in a good spirit and familiar atmosphere that the repeating participants as well as the beginners helped each other to improve the movements. Everyone learned fast with the help of each other. Thanks to this we had plenty of time to practise during the course. And we did not have to wait for the results. At the end of the course beginners as well as those who have practised for a while were able to share their good results. Below is an extract from the comments by the participants.

From the participants comments:

Improved stamina, tensions in the neck, itch

"Last summer I cycled 55 kilometers in 3 hours and 10 minutes without taking a break and without having ache in my body the next day. I was not fit, and I don't practise anything but Qigong, and it still went well. Before I've been very tense and I almost had migraine, so that I needed massage. Now it has improved without assistance. I have only practiced Qigong. Before I used to scratch myself at night, so that my skin was irritated. That was over as soon as I started to practise Qigong. I think it is because I use my energy for something positive, like Qigong training, rather than hurting myself."

Alert and more energy

"I was very alert yesterday. Normally I'm very tired when I get home after work but yesterday I was alert and had energy to do a lot."

Tension in the back released

"Today when we practised La Qi there was a "popping sound" in my back. Normally I ask my husband to sit on my back in order for it to open like this but yesterday the tension was released by itself during La Qi and I felt that something started to flow. It felt good."

Pain improved

"I have a lot of problems with sickness, pain and rheumatism. The doctor said that I was spent already 35 years ago, that there is nothing they can do and that I have to learn how to live with it. I was in bad shape when I came to the course yesterday but I felt good when I left. And since then I've felt good."

Vasa 071020-21

Allergies, lactose allergy, pain during menstruation and nervousness

"I started to practise because I had such serious allergies. Already during the first course I noticed that my stomach calmed down. I had taken a lot of pills in order to function. I felt I got inner peace and could reduce the medication. Now I have stopped with the medication altogether. After five to six moths my lactose intolerance was gone. I used to take pain killers for my heavy pain during menstruation. Now I have not had pain for 2.5 years. Before I had to take 4-5 pain killers a month. Now I take maybe 4-5 pills a year. I have had migraine but I've also not suffered from that for 2.5 years. I used to be very nervous about speaking in front of a group. Now I've dared to be interviewed in radio and newspapers. I keep calm and it feels good. I have also a bigger understanding for people around me. They don't influence me. I can give and receive. I have leant so much. The job I have today I never imagined I could have. I work in a warehouse and that is physically heavy work with a lot of lifting of heavy loads. Many much bigger guys with muscles have got back pain because of that job but little me can do it."

Better eye-sight

"Last year during the summer course something was working behind one eye. After the course I went to the optician and he looked at my old prescription for glasses and said: "So strange". My eye-sight had improved by 1.0 for the one eye and 0.5 for the other. He said that those kinds of improvements can happen if the muscle behind the eye relaxes."

Improved back, counterbalance towards noise and stress

"I have got help with my back problems. I work in a kindergarten and that is heavy for the back with all the low chairs and ups and downs. This is also a good counterbalance towards all the noise and stress at work. I feel that I'm a calmer, better human being."

Improved breathing, back and stamina

"I took my first Qigong course two years ago. The first thing I noticed was that my breathing was easier. My back has become stronger and I have better stamina. My arms are stronger and I can for example rake leaves without getting ache afterwards."

Relaxed in tense shoulders

"I have problems with migraine and tense shoulders. Once I had such a bad migraine that I thought I had got cerebral hemorrhage. The doctor knocked on my tense neck muscles and said they were hard as wood. Yesterday I felt so relaxed that I asked my husband and son to feel the muscles. I have slept well and feel good and relaxed. This relaxed I have not been for a long time."


Jeanette Heidenberg