Hold Qi up Turku [2007-10-27]

For several years, since 1999, we have organised courses in Turku. Therefore many people in Turku have practiced for quite some time. That some of them participated in the basic course we could feel in the quality and strength of the Qi-feld, a benefit for all of us.

From the participants comments:

Breast cancer, anxiety, softer body

"I started to practise two years ago after a breast cancer operation. The treatments were hard for me. It was extra hard for me as I had always been in good shape, both physically and mentally. I understood that my body told me to calm down. I need to be kind to myself and in the training group I meet many other nice people. Still I'm not declared cured. I understand that Qigong is something that I always have to do to keep healthy. I've never been very anxious but Qigong makes me calmer. Just after my 50th birthday I went to a health check-up. All my results were very good. My cholesterol was even so good that the nurse told me to go home and drink some wine and eat some cheese. I don't have pain in the lower part of my back where I used to have pain. I'm softer in my body. Recently I noticed that the broken blood vessel on my thigh are about to disappear."

Safety, joy, feeling of Qi

"I was in a very bad mood when I came here today but as soon as I entered the room I felt a safe and happy feeling. Immediately I was in a good mood. It's always like that when I come to courses. I'm happy that I could come here today."

Åbo 071028

Feeling of radiation

"I'm very sensitive to radiation, especially radiation from mobile phones. It's a tricky thing as you are never taken seriously. I get a strange feeling in my head if I'm exposed to radiation. Qigong helps me. Just to sit in a correct position can be helpful."

"I've practiced since februari 2006. In the beginning I felt like a sponge, just absorbing all the Qi. After the summer course I felt that I, as well, can contribute to the Qi-feld. It feels good to join a course and to be able to give. A lot has happened this year. My sensitivity to electricity has improved. I don't need to switch the computer off during my working hours. Before, to manage the day, I had to switch it off or to leave the room for a while. Still it feels quite good to be that sensitive. It makes me work less and instead of watching TV I practice. The biggest change that I experience is that the happy smile feels natural both when I practise and in my everyday life. Now I can even close my eyes slowly. I never thought I would be able to do that. When I practise, my thoughts come and go. They are on the surface while I'm deep under the water. They don't disturb me. The water feels peaceful and harmonious. It feels like I could be in that mood the whole time and that's nice."


"It feels good to come into the Qi-feld with all the inspiration, Qi and nice people."

"I felt the Qi-feld yesterday. I didn't have any severe problems when I started to practice but just some small things. Everything has improved. My life is more balanced and I'm healthier. The group training keeps me going. Before when I did some kind of exercise I never did it for more than one semester."

Bad balance, harmony, stress

"Life has become simpler, both physically and mentally. My balance was poor and I was stiff. It's better now."


"I started to practice three years ago. I never did any sports before. I've always known that I should exercise but I never did. The first course was hard but I got results already after the first course. The atopical eczema on my hands disappeared. I enjoy life much more now. It's easier to take life the way it is. It's not only due to Qigong but Qigong is good for me."

"I've practised for three years. In the beginning I didn't practise regularly. Now, for a period, I've been more active. The training is helpful against my stiff shoulders and neck. It helped me fast. Before I couldn't eat a tomato without getting symptoms but this summer I noticed that I could eat tomatos again."

Backproblem, fewer colds

"I started to practise two and a half years ago. My back problems are much better now. You need self discipline. If I don't practise I get more pain and I feel bad. Nowadays I don't catch colds and I've grown almost 2 centimetres as I don't have as much inward curve in the lower part of the back."


"I've practised Qigong for two days. If I compare the first and the second day of the course I notice that my balance has improved. I can stand more easily."


"I practise Qigong as a reward to myself."


Lars Hagner