Hold Qi up Kungsbacka [2007-10-27]

The participants in this weekend course were a group of dedicated and enthusiastic Qigonglovers. Some of the participant were from the neighbourhood and therefore took the chance repeating the course when the course for ones was on their own backyard, so to speak. Others travelled "all the way" from Gothenburg (three Swedish miles) to join the course. One chaired reflection among some of the participants was that practising in the Qifield gives a lot more comparing with practising alone at home.

LUQ Kungsbacka HT 2007

Some comments from the participants follow below

Sleep and relaxation

I have noticed that I get more relaxed by the training, the quality of my sleep has improved and I sleep less.

I have practiced almost every night and I have got some headache afterwards, but it is not any unpleasant pain, despite that I have a better sleep than I normally has.

Softer body

I feel very good when practicing Hold Qi Up. My body is softer and my back is better.

I'm very glad that I have been participating this weekend. After this course it feels softer in my upper back, even though my lower back is bothering me.

Working ability

Step by step my health has improved. Before there were always a lot of things to tell after each course, like what have happened, but now I have come to that point that I don't notice what happens any longer, it is on another level. I'm back, working part time (50%) with my old job and its going better and better. I work twenty hours each week but my working conditions is rather flexible; Which means I can go on working until I have done my hours and then I take some time off, for weekend. Now I have reached the point when my weekend starts on Wednesday. Soon, in springtime, I will increase my working hours and my part time will change to 75%. It feels really great, it has been a long struggle to come this far and I'm very happy.

Cold – helping others

My child likes and thinks it's cosy when I practice Qigong. When he had a cold last time I practiced beside his bed, and he was enjoying my training. The next day he was hale and hearty. Nowadays it's very rare that we catch a cold in our family

Slipped disc, ache in hands and joints

I have problem with my neck, back, ache in my hands and joints. Today I feel overall tired and my hands are warm. I also have a slipped disc and therefore I have no feeling in parts of my leg, in those parts I have had a feeling of running warm water now and then during the day.


I have had pain in my knee for some time and it is like if it has started to move a little


Kate Ohlsson