Hold Qi up Malmö [2007-10-13]

This Autumn's first Weekend Course in Malmö was held in the same cosy, studio-like premises as before. The participants found the movements easy to learn, and the easy-going feeling made time pass quickly, with time left for a little extra training.

After finishing the course, we talked about the personal, daily training and experienced participants stressed the importance of joining the organized Evening Training in order to "get a flying start" and benefit from the larger Qi field that we have when we do this training together.

Some of the opinions from the course

"I have practised for some time and I think it's great to join the courses. You get a refill of energy, to put it simply, and you get your movements corrected. You get a more harmonious feeling on courses and you also find improvements".

"I'd like to thank everyone who's been here because it was a very good course".

"Yesterday, during the training, the pain, caused by the sciatic nerve being constricted in certain areas, disappeared. Today it improved further".

"Now my entire body feels nice and comfortable".


Max Björkström