Hold Qi up Norwich [2007-10-20]

For the fourth time we arranged a course in England, Norwich. The atmosphere during the course was very warm and we shared a lot of joy. The participates socialized during the breaks and of course always with a nice cup of tea.

From the participants comments:

Energy and happiness:

"During most of the first days course I felt totally exhausted but then later in the evening I felt alert with a happiness and positivism that I have not felt for a very long time"

"When I practice Qigong I get more energy and feel more clear. I have got cancer and Qigong helps me handle the disease in a better and more calm way and for that I am very happy"

"I appreciate the course and I feel energy. I am so happy that I have found Zhineng Qigong"

"I have had low energy level during several years and it feels like Qigong can help me with that. Yesterday evening I phoned a lot of people and that is something I usually try to avoid. And I enjoyed it too. Afterwords I had a lot of energy left"

Less pain

"When I came to the course the pain in my neck was so bad I could hardly not move. Today I am so much better and that amazes me"

Back problems

"Yesterday it was hard just to stand but today it has been much better. I am full of hope that this will be good for my back. It feels like I have to restore my body"


"I really like to practice together with others. The feeling is so much stronger"


"After I started to practice qigong my relations with others are better and I can handle closer relationships now. Qigong gives me patience and strength and I feel grateful for that"

"I feel that I can handle my old mother in a better way now. I sleep better and before I could easily say yes to to much work. Qigong helps me not to go in to that habit anymore"


"The course is well organized and the training feels effective."

"The Qigong is like a medicine I can use."


Fatima Ringvall