Shenxin Qigong Stockholm [2007-10-20]

An increasing number of persons have started training Shenxin Qigong in Stockholm. Nowadays there also is a training group for Shenxin Qigong. During the latest weekend course, the participants discovered that both Shenxin Qigong and Snake Arm are powerful exercises. Some of them felt Qi and experienced improvements during the course. It was obvious that many participants got a lot of energy and were more vigorous as many voices could be heard during the breaks.

Below comments can be found of some of the participants.

Good feeling

"Many energy blocks in my body disappeared during the course. I don't feel the same amount of pain anymore. I am both vigorous and happy and feel really good."


"The story from China made me focus more on my concentration. Usually I have a hard time concentrating, but after the story it went much better."

Family and patience

"I also felt inspired by the story. I train Qigong not only for myself but also for my family. When I train Qigong it becomes easier for me to take care of my dogs and I also feel more patient in my relationship."

Pracicing the Qigong exercise Snake arm in Stockholm 2007-10

Mental problems

"Shenxin Qigong is very good for me as this training method helps me to deal with my mental problems."

Deal with life

"Qigong, and especially Shenxin Qigong, helps me a lot. My life is very hectic and it is easier to deal with all things that happen all the time thanks to Qigong. During the course I felt small pulses in my body, especially my fingers."

Headache and feeling of Qi

"When I came to the course I did not feel well at all, I had a headache. Suddenly, around three o'clock in the afternoon, the headache disappeared. The other day was much better than the first one. I had a clear feeling of Qi during the course. When we opened and closed it felt in and in between my fingers."

Many nice talks

"It feels very nice to talk to so many open minded persons. One notices that many of those who are here think about what is important in life and have the willingness to improve their lives."

Calm and focused

"Just like when I train Hold Qi Up, Shenxin Qigong makes me feel calm and focused. It has been really fascinating to train so many circle movements. I really look forward to continue with that."

Good mental feeling

"I have attended a Shenxin course before and I felt straightaway that this method is very beneficial for my mental health. I have been training this exercise very frequently since then."

Vision, energy, scar tissue and better flow when training

"I have been training Shenxin Qigong for a while and would like to tell about two things that this method has given me. After having trained Shenxin Qigong for a while it gets much easier to train Hold Qi Up. It feels as if I just can follow a flow. After a Winter Course in Shenxin Qigong I also discovered that I was able to read in the light of normal lamps (instead of daylight) for the first time since I was 20 years old. Lately I have had an infection that has made me very tired. During the weekend I retrieved my energy and some of the scar tissue that I have has started to disappear."

A lot of Qi

"I have trained Hold Qi Up since 1998 and wanted to try this new method as many of those I have been training with have told me that I just "have to" test Shenxin. It has been a very positive surprise. The training feels very powerful. A number of things have happened in my back and in the lower part of my body. Now I do not feel any of the pain I felt before. Actually it felt as if I got 'high on Qi' the second day. This has never happened before. I also noticed that the other participants have become increasingly energetic."

Got rid of my cold

"Last Thursday I caught a cold. I thought it would be very hard to keep on training two days in a row but it went surprisingly well. The training makes me feel warm and my cold has started to disappear."

Steady standing posture

"I have always felt that I am staggering and swaying a bit when I train Qigong. However, during this course I have learned to stand in a better way than before. My balance is better and it feels as if I have a powerful pillar in me that is supporting my body."

Strong and vigorous

"When I train Shenxin Qigong I feel strong and vigorous."

Energetic and warm during Winter

"I especially prefer training Shenxin Qigong when it is cold outside as the training makes me feel warm and energetic."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen