Hold Qi up Kungsängen [2007-10-13]

We did not expect so many participants to show up on the course, but at nine o'clock the first day the training hall was filled with students who would like to learn more about Zhineng Qigong and Hold Qi Up.

The participants in Hold Qi Up in Kungsängen, Autumn 2007

The training hall was in the waiting room in Peter Marions dental clinic in Tibble in Kungsängen. The same room is also used every Thursday evening for group training in Zhineng qigong.

Comments from the students:

My shoulders feel very light and easy to move.

This is my second course for beginners and I think it is quite a new course compared to the first. During the second course I know the movements and can focus more on the details in the movements and the teacher's talk.

I feel very calm and relaxed. I am rather stiff and I want to be softer in my body.

I feel harmony and calmness.

I feel like my body has straightened.

I have participated in many summer courses, but still, a beginner's course gives so much in return.

My back feels relaxed and very warm.

Correct movements on a hold Qi Up course

To correct the movements is an important part in our education in Zhineng Qigong. As usual there was a mix of beginners and old students. Thereby the beginners get a lot of additional help from the more experienced.


Arne Nordgren