Hold Qi up Nybro [2007-10-13]

For the seventh autumn in a row, a Hold qi up course was arranged in Nybro/Kalmar. During the weekend Pelarsalen in Nybro Public house was filled with almost as many beginners as repeating students. Everyone was focused on learning and refining the slow, soft movements of Hold qi up. The course was filled with a calm and positive atmosphere. The participants felt inspired to practice more, and were happy about the possibility to join group training weekly in both Nybro and Kalmar.

From the participants comments:


"This is my first course, I have rheumatic ache and can not move my body like I want to. The soft movement suits me; I will practice every day now, and se what will happen. It's been an inspiring weekend"

Improved healing ability:

"I hurt my hand and had to wear a cast. I could not drive but got a lift to the group training every week. The hand healed so well that the doctors were amazed. A while ago a got a virus that attacked my balance, I thought it would be difficult to practice but there was no problem and I healed quicker than expected."

Nybro 071014


"I have been practicing this method for three years. I was in bad condition when I started. I believe the change is dramatic. I have more energy, I am happier and I have a better, more positive thinking way. I take more responsibility for my life."


"I can notice that the practice have made my body softer. Before I could not put my hands on my feet but now I can! It is pleasing to notice how the movements get easier to do, a concrete way to measure the result of practicing."

Stress, more calm

"I began to practice 3 ½ years ago, back then I was sick from stress. I recall being angry at my self during my first course, because I could not remember the movements. Step by step I have learned how unnecessary it is to be irritated and I have learned how to react in another, better way. I am a calmer person now and feel better than in ten years"

"I came to the lecture with a bad head ache and felt that I did not have time to attend the course. I was really tired. But now I feel very alert and realize how good this method is. Now I will practice regularly."

Longing to practice

"I have been practicing for a couple of years now and this summer I attended the summer course which was fantastic! I have been longing for this weekend course, I really enjoy to practice!"

To be who you are

"The group trainings are such a safety, if you fall out of the good training routines you can always come back and get support. You fell welcome and can be who you really are."


Lars Hagner