TuiNa , Wei Tuo Jin Stockholm [2007-10-04]

A group of interested participants worked for 4 days with acupoint TuiNa (that belongs to traditional Chinese medicine – TCM) and Wei Tuo Jin, a traditional Qigong method that is sometimes referred to as Yi Jin Jing. The appreciated that they got to learn about the relevant philosophy and also felt that they got a lot of information about the Chinese cultural history. Theory was layered with practice and the participants appreciated that they got to test the method on each others as well as getting effects quickly from both the TuiNa and Wei Tuo Jin.

Some of the participant's comments:

Calm and energetic

"I felt that it was very interesting to learn about TuiNa, it feels good to be able to do something for others. My husband was very stressed after a week at work, but he became calm when I used TuiNa on him at home after the course. Wei Tuo Jin gave a lot of energy. I cleaned up the whole kitchen yesterday; I couldn't muster enough strength to do that during the whole week."

Powerful training, normal metatarsals and improved hearing

"After I started Qigong in May this year life has become more fun. My oversized metatarsals (foot joints) have become normal and it is easier for me to buy shoes. I study acupuncture on Ireland using English and wanted to learn something about the subject in Swedish as well; I also wanted to test another method. I enjoyed it and got a strong feeling of Qi. Amongst other things we treated the ears and I happen to have some problems with one of my ears. In the evening the sounds were unusually loud. When you practice Wei Tuo Jin it feels very powerful."

Easier to handle life

"I've always had many things to do and a hectic life. It gets much easier to handle when I practice Qigong. Wei Tuo Jin really feels powerful."

Fresh and lively

"I felt very fresh and lively after one day with Wei Tuo Jin."

Stronger physically and mentally

"I have practiced Wei Tuo Jin for a while and have noticed that I have become much stronger. This has even affected my psyche so that I'm mentally stronger as well."

Interesting philosophy and insights

"A while ago I tried Yoga but didn't really get it. Qigong suits me better and I have practiced every day since my first course. I always used to do a lot of physical exercise, but I stopped that since I started Qigong. Despite this I have been able to stay in good shape. I have been curious about the philosophy and meridians for a while and that was the main reason I joined the TuiNa course. It was really interesting and I felt many things when we practiced on each other. I was able to realize some things, not merely listen to some words. I like all the Qigong exercises that I have learned, and now I like Wei Tuo Jin a lot."

Doing something by myself

"After I gave birth I got some mental problems and Qigong has felt good to have since I can do something for myself by myself."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen