Hold Qi up Helsinki [2007-10-06]

Despite the warm and beautiful autumne weather Helsinki offered, many old as well as new participens choosed to attend our course in Hold Qi Up during the weekend 6-7 October. We were, as usual, in the beautiful and calm training hall of Brändö Gymnasium, a little bit outside of the center of Helsinki. The weekly training is held there, which almost every one of the new participants expressed their ambition to attend.

From the participants comments:


"I went though a breast cancer operation and came to my first course just three weeks after the operation. I had a check-up three days after the course and they said that the swelling was reduced. I have practised almost every day since, and now two months after the operation my mobility is 90% normal. My physiotherapist did a mobility test and I had no problems lifting my hands up over my head. I shouldn´t be in such a good condition!"

Posture, inner peace

"My posture is a lot better, I´m much calmer and stronger. I´m more in contact with my self, I listen to my self: a calmness inside. I going through a crisis right now in my life, and Qigong has really helped me to move forward. I´m motivated."

Helsingfors 071007


"This is my first course, and I have a strong positive feeling right now. I have been lacking in energy and I feel that I have refueled. I was really alert yesterday evening."

Stronger, pain

"Qigong has given me so much. I´m physically and mentally more powerful now. I get into a kind of good circle when I train, I listen more to my body, I think more about what I eat. I have a neuropathic pain in my arm and hand, but I don´t think about the pain any more. I have also been able to stop taking my medicines for it. The movements are more automatic now."

Good feeling

"I feel so welcome here, it feels nice and comfortable. I feel at home with this now."

Cold hands

"I have warm hands, before they were so cold, and I feel so much more powerful after just one day."

Back problems

"I have trained now for 8 years, and every course I learn something new. The first and foremost help that I have gotten is concerning my back. I have had problems with my back. The body regulation helps to unburden my back. I have also become more agile and less stiff."

Shoulder pain, calcium oxide, stress, depression

"You don´t have to believe in it, just do the exercises and things will happen. I had a pain in my shoulder, but 30 days after my first course I didn´t have any more pain and the X-ray showed that the calcium oxide that had been in my shoulder wasn´t there any more. I have also become much calmer, it helps against stress and depression."

Sleeping problems, stability

"I live a irregular life, and don´t sleep well. I get stability here."

Knee problems, calm

"I have improved mentally and physically. It has helped me with my knees, they have been broken and battered. I have become calmer and more mature over the years. You learn much about yourself and others, and life in general."


Lars Hagner