Hold Qi up Mariehamn [2007-09-29]

The course was, like in Spring 2007, held in Åland's school for dance in Mariehamn. The training hall is normally used for dance education and there are mirrors on the walls. Many students therefore choose to look at their movements in a mirror during the pauses. The participants were as usual a mixture of beginners and more experienced.

During the final circle talk good training results received during was told. Here are some quotations:

Without qigong I would not be able to work full time as I do now. So qigong has been of crucial importance to my future life.

Qigong has helped me to keep my joints agile.

I had got a time for a back operation and I was really afraid for doing it. But on Monday after the course I could walk without pain in my back and leg. It was like a miracle and I have not had troubles since then.

I suffer from rheumatism and have got really big improvements. On this course I have been able to stand without any pain in my feet, I have not even given them a thought.

Qigong helps towards pain and helps me to raise my energy.

Qigong is a fantastic tool that I use in my everyday life and that I can't live without.

Zhineng qigong, Hold qi up in Åland


Arne Nordgren