Hold Qi up Bollnäs [2007-09-29]

The beautiful scenary around the Folkhögskola in Bollnäs welcomed us 29-30 of September for the basic course in Hold Qi Up, a possibility for both beginners and more advanced students to join a strong Qi-feld. The will to fight with severe diseases were strong. To see students struggling still with a smile on their face and laughter encourage us all. After the course the beginners plan to join the weekly group training we have in Bollnäs for our students.

From the participants comments:


"I notice a difference from before I started to practice Qigong. I'm both physically and mentally stronger."

"I'm very pleased with the weekend. When I attended my first course my arms were very heavy, like 50 kilo. Now they are much lighter. It feels good to correct the movements."

"I'm stronger in my shoulders now. Mentally it easier for me to study. My ability to concentrate is much better."

"I want to recommend the summer course. It straightens the trust for Qigong. I'm getting an inner strength."


"My working situation has been stressful lately. I was about to get burned out. Then I took my Qigong CD and started to practice. Immediately I felt calmer. I know that I need Qigong to handle my work this autumn."

Asthma and allergy, patience

"It's definitely worth going to the summer course. It gives you so much. Because of my work I suffer from asthma and allergy. I've been using medicines for some years but since the summer course I haven't used any medicines. I'm calmer and more patience now. I better deal with the kids and their parents."


"This is my first course. I've been burned out and I suffer from whiplash. Qigong is for me a way to relax and it feels wonderful. I've eaten a lot of chocolate and yesterday when I went shopping I was about to buy chocolate as usual. But I didn't have the same need for it so I didn't buy any."

Neck and shoulders

"The course has been good. I mostly practice at home and I notice that I get some habits. Therefore it's good to attend a course to get the movements corrected. My shoulders have improved and my body is stronger. My body functions better in my everyday life."

"I repeat the course to get more used to the training. I have problems in my neck and shoulders all the way out to my fingers. Now my fingers are very warm."

Less sleep

"Qigong gets better and better and the training is more and more fun. It has taken me a couple of years the get the training into my life but now it's going to stay with me. Every basic course is worth very much and I feel that I get more energy. My alarm rings every morning at 6.30 but almost every morning I wake up at 5.45 and then I get up and practice. I sleep less then before and I feel better."


"I feel that the more I relax the more I get out of the Qifeld."


"The longer time I have practiced the more I enjoy a basic course."


Lars Hagner