Hold Qi up Lund [2007-09-08]

The first Lund Weekend Course of the Autumn had a calm and cosy feeling about it, but there was also fighting spirit among new participants, who have made up their mind to free themselves of several year old pain syndromes.

It is always nice to see some quick results, such as for one new participant. She noticed a marked increase in flexibility in her neck by the Saturday evening already, so that she is now able to turn her head 90 degrees sideways, which she has not been able to do for about one year.

After finishing the course everybody stayed on for another half-hour, continuing the discussion about Zhineng Qigong, what had happened during the course and getting advice on training. If it was not for the teacher having a bus to catch, maybe they would have stayed on for even longer!

Some opinions from the course

"I have searched around a lot for thirty years, but now I actually think that I've come to the right thing. Thank you for the course, it was very good".

"Since 2000 my lumbar area has caused me a lot of problems. I guess I had lumbago once a year, more or less. This past year, since the first course, I haven't had any lumbago! So I'm very grateful for that! Thank you for a very good course".

"I don't know what I'd have done without Qigong, it has helped me very much. And mentally as well: you get happier, calmer, less angry. Thank you for a good course".


Max Björkström