Hold Qi up Helsingborg [2007-09-22]

It was a warm and sunny weekend when fifteen qigong students met up for the autumn Hold Qi Up course in Helsingborg. This time the course was held at the Red Cross centre. There was a good mix of beginners and experienced practitioners so the beginners had good support to improve their qigong movements.

Zhineng Qigong in Helsingborg

The participant's tales confirmed that Zhineng Qigong is a good training method for health:

I have had pain from my sciatica during some years. Already this morning I could feel that it was easier to get out of bed – and that is positive.

Qigong training makes me more focused on the things that I do and above all I sleep well.

Practicing qigong is fun, it gives me some rest in my stressed job. It is something to look forward to, to practice, to feel balance in my body.

When I feel stressed it is often enough to do some simple movements to get calm.

Before I started to practice Qigong I often suffered from a cold and during winter my nose almost always was dripping. After two or three months of training it stopped. Nowadays I am very rarely at home due to a sore throat.

I have had a lot of good results from practicing. I have had chronic pain in my hands; I could hardly hold a cheese slicer in my hand. I also had chronic pain in my back with crooked vertebras. After practicing half a year it was better, no more problems.


Arne Nordgren