Shenxin Qigong Bergen [2007-09-08]

Most of the participants in this weekends Shenxin course in Bergen, Norway, repeated the course. But they still got a chance to share their knowledge and practicingskills with some new participants. The fact that they had participated before didn't make them less active; they all agreed that the repetition was neccesary. They were very focused on their task to improve the movements and to raise their knowledge about Shenxin Qigong. One common reflection among the participants was that they felt the course had been very calm, which they experienced as pleasant.

Some comments from the participants follow below:


"During this weekendcourse I have been a lot better in my eyes. Before they were itching and leaking, I think it is some kind of allergy, I hope that the improvements will maintaine. It has been nice to be here".


"In the course there has been a pricking feeling in my right hand. Normaly I don't have any problem with the hand and the fingers exept from bad cirkulation in all my fingers. I have been waiting for something to happen with this problem".


"I have had problem with my neck and yesterday I got some reaktion there, it felt heavy like lead. That feeling disappeared during the night and when I woke up this morning it was gone and the neck felt okey".

Bergen SxQ 0907

Back- and shoulder problems

"For several years now I have been working with my stiff shoulders and my stiff back. During the course there have been some changes, something happened and one of the shoulders got a lot softer".

"Normaly I am very stiff in my shoulders and my back, but during this ccourse I haven't had so much pain in my body".

Feel fit

"Thanks to the Qigongtraining it has been easier for me to wake up in the morning, which gives me more time for practicing. I have noticed that steping out from the bed has been easier especially after I have joined the Shenxing courses and it use to stay 1-2 weeks after the courses. After participating in this years summercourse the state has been permanent".

"Even if I felt very tired during the course yesterday, I had no problem with going to work directly after the courseday ended. It went very well and besides that I woke up very alert this morning".

More calm

"After this years summercourse I have been very relaxed and tend to stress less. I notice this in my daily life and in my work. The Qigongtraing gives me a lot and I have a lot more energy today. I handle each day in a better way and that must be one of the aims with this training – isn't it? Thank you for a very nice course".

"This Qigongtraining makes me more relaxed in my daily life".

Repeating the course – correcting the postures

"I think it is terrific to get the possibility to freshen up the movements. The ccourse has been really good and I have got some excellent correctments both from the techer and from my classmate".

"It was nice to get the chance to freshen up the Shenxin Qigong. From now on I will practice it more regularily, feel that I physically need it. It has been a very nice course – Thank you".

"It is always good to repeat and it doesn't matter how many courses you have participated in, there is always something new to learn".

"It is always very useful to repeat the courses. During the time beetwen the courses I have addes some habbits and done some wrong things in the movements. This time I have got new details that I didn't pick up from the last time. A very good course – Thank you".

"It has been nice correcting the movements, either if you didn't pick it up earlier or if you forgot it. It has been a very good course".


Kate Ohlsson