Hold Qi up Nagu [2007-09-15]

Nagu is a beautiful municipality in the Finnish archipelago. It was the local Folkhälsan that initiated this first weekend course over 15-16 September in Hold Qi Up. Since the course was in early autumn some of the participants from other parts of Finland were able to combine the course with spending leisure time in their summer houses.

The atmosphere during the course was calm and intimate. We shared a lot of joy in learning Hold Qi Up and the participants were happy and grateful for the course. In Nagu a practise group is going to start meeting once a week. Many of the participants were enthusiastic about the possibility to meet and practise in a group.

Many of the new participants had good results already during the first weekend, something which naturally increases the motivation to practice.

Below there is an extract from the comments by the participants.

Insomnia, back pain, strength during difficult times

"I started practising Zhineng Qigong in 1999. The reason to start practising was stiff shoulders and back pain. It was difficult for me to sit still because it was hurting so much. It was easy for me to appreciate the method. I got good results already during the first weekend course. I hadn't slept in six years and already the first night I slept well. When I went home from the course I was so surprised since I felt no pain in the shoulders. I couldn't remember that I had ever felt so good. Over the years it has gone through everything from head to toe. I even had reactions in my teeth. I have also experienced great mental improvements. If it wasn't for Qigong I hadn't been able to handle all the difficulties that have happened to me during the past years. I can distance myself from things now, while earlier I would have engaged myself and suffered as a result. I can be joyful and happy even though I have been through many difficulties in my life."

Recovered from urinary tract infection, buzzing in the ears, electromagnetic hypersensitivity and ha

"I have got really good physical results. I had a chronic urinary tract infection, buzzing in my ears and I was hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Today I have no physical problems. A big difference is that I can close and open my eyes slowly, and that I couldn't do before. I can keep the gentle smile when practising and in every day life. It feels so naturals nowadays. A colleague asked if I have started taking drugs since I always look so happy."

Stiff hips and found peace

"I like going to weekend courses because I need the refilling it gives. My stiff hips have become better and mentally I feel a lot more peaceful."

Nagu 070916, stor


"I got this course as a birthday present from my mom. I was very stressed when I came here, but now I feel better. Coming here was the best thing I could have done this weekend."

Energy to manage life

"I like practicing Qigong and it's a big help to practise in a group. I practice Qigong in order to get energy to manage life."

More calm and notice details

"After my first weekend course and Monday practice the day after I was like a new person. I was much more calm and I didn't yell at the kids any more. During this course I have noticed that I can see things in a new way. For example I noticed the leaves in the trees and my friend's beautiful rings. Before I have been very unobservant when it comes to details."

Better sleep

"Last night I slept well. I usually wake up with hot flashes and take off the covers. But last night I didn't wake up even once. That was really good for my motivation."

Problems with the back

"I had problems with my back that lead to that I was for instance not able to pick up things from the floor or travel anywhere by bus. Gradually it has become better and better. I'm not fully recovered yet, but a lot better. It's not possible to compare with how it used to be."

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity and colds disappear from practice

"I have electromagnetic hypersensitivity, especially I'm sensitive to mobile phones and because of that I can't sleep. If I practise before going to bed the symptoms disappear and I can sleep. I have also noticed that I can practise to get rid of a cold when I feel it is on the way. My posture is a lot better."

Better posture

"Yesterday when I was working on the farm I noticed that I can keep the body in a better position when standing – only after one day's course!"


Jeanette Heidenberg