Hold Qi up Ljungby [2007-09-08]

The weather was very good this weekend when the basic course in Ljungby took place. Still both beginners and more advanced students chose to spend the weekend learning and practice Hold Qi Up. Some participants had travelled quit far to get a chance to join the strong Qi-feld that we have during our courses. As usual the more advanced students could share their experience with the beginners to help and encourage them to keep on practicing. After only two days of training participants got results from the training.

Some comments from the participants


"I'm here for the first time and I think the training will make me more relaxed." "I need to be softer and I think it looks lovely when you practice. I hope I'll learn to do the movements as harmonious as you do." "This was my first course. I think the training can be helpful against stress and make me more relaxed. I feel a bit more flexible." "I hope I'll keep my body soft and flexible as I get older."

Repeating course

"I've been to this course once before and now I've learned many things that I didn't learn last time."

Allergy, balance

"I think my allergy is better and also my balance is better."

Tinnitus, pain

"I've got good results, both physically and mentally. I've got rid of tinnitus and pain in my back." "I work a lot in my garden. Before I had to go to a chiropractor a couple of times every year but I don't need that anymore."


"I practice regularly but sometimes I don't feel like practicing but I like the Qi-regulation very much. Then I motivate myself with doing Qi-regulation after I've practiced as reward."


"When I attended my first basic course I only wanted to pay for one day as I expected to suffer from migraine the next day as I used to do after any physical movements. I didn't get migraine in a week! Qigong has given me very much. The migraine constantly gets better. It's important to keep on practicing even though you don't feel like it as it will make you better."

Stress, energy

"I need Qigong to relax and reduce stress."

"This weekend I've felt that I get more energy. During the Qi-regulation something happened and I just wanted to laugh. During the weekend I've felt like laughing many times. It's promising. This training takes care both of the body and mind and also gives more energy. It's perfect."

"I was burned out when I started and I didn't feel well at all. After the first course I didn't notice any results but after the second course I felt great. After that I've got better and better."

"My mother made me come here for the first time and mothers are often right. I was very stressed at that time. The course helped me a lot. The training made me happier. It's also easier to change negative thoughts. It's great to have a tool to handle the thoughts – it should be obvious that we can handle our thoughts. This summer I attended the summer course and that was one of the bet things I've ever done. Then I realised what Qigong really is. If I don't practice in a couple of days I miss the training and I notice that I don't feel that good. I'll keep on practicing for the rest of my life."

"I was burned out when I started to practice. I was very stressed and had pain in my body. I recently had an operation when I attended my first course and I never thought that I would be able to stand up for a long time. I did stand up 12 hours! The mental results are the most exciting. Attending my first summer course I got insights. It's me, myself, deciding how I should feel."

"If I know that I'll do something difficult which makes me nervous then I practice before. The training makes me calm, makes me speak slower and make me get information in another way. Qigong is a great tool."


Angelica Berg