Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2007-08-25]

This semester's first course in Gothenburg was early – already on the last weekend of August – due to the course with NHR scheduled for the end of September. The learning was smooth since the beginners were very focused and alert during the course and there was much room for practising during the weekend. The participants inspired each other and the beginners had – as always – good help from the repeating students.

Improvement in the Lecture

One of the new students, who had been in bed ill all week and felt hesitant about the course, had results already after the lecture. She felt better and more alert and "came out of the bubble" she had been in all week and went on to participate in the course. Like so often in our courses, we had an inspiringly diverse collection of people of all ages participating and this time one student brought his teenage daughter.

In the circle discussion the participants shared their experience, both from a longer perspective and during the course and here is a selection from that:

Gbg HQU 25 aug 2007

Said by New Students

"I work in the healthcare sector and a friend registered me for the course and I don't regret that."

"This has been a great weekend, I've learned so much and I want to continue. I play the viola and I was so very alert and had such a lot of energy that I went to practise directly after the course yesterday, and my arms felt great."

"When we started with the second to last section I could feel Qi flowing in my entire body when I pressed the points and it felt wonderful."

"This feels good and it has affected me immensely during the weekend."

"I have quite a stressful job, so this has to be good for me and it has felt really great during the weekend. I'm happy and content, thank you so much."

Repeating Students

"The daily practise routine is the best, I get a very nice start of the day between my bed and my coffee."

Back Problems and Calm

"A lot has happened along the way, a lot of pain has disappeared. I always used to have pain in my back before, but not any more. I get more patient, calmer and I don't get worked up over small things any longer."

Balance Problems, Strength and Energy

"I have had lots of help from practising and I keep improving all the time. Every course is a new kick, I get more strength and energy, and so I did this time."

Advances in Practising

"I brought a relative to this course and I have corrected his postures and through that I realised how far I've come myself. Sometimes you don't think about that."


"I used to live in a different city and there I attended a weekend course because I had gone through a long period of stress. I was helped a lot then, but I moved and lost my momentum. Now I have had one of those periods again, with a lot of stress for a long time and this is why I wanted to get started practising again, since I know the kind of help I had last time."

Mouse Arm and Calm

"I started practising because I had problems with my arms – mouse arm – and since I was in pain I wanted to try this. If I hadn't been in pain, I probably never would have taken up Qigong. I was better and now I don't have pain any longer. But at the same time I have also noticed that I'm much calmer and I don't get stressed by events around me. This is a very good thing."

Musician, Help in Handling Life and Finding Oneself Again

"I have worked as a musician for 30 years and it's quite a stressful profession. Practising has helped me find music again, when playing music was becoming routine and boring. I found the core again. It has also helped me through difficult times and helped me find myself and my inner strength. Each time I go through something like this, the realisation deepens that this is a good technique that works."

Younger and Younger

"This is a great method in many ways. Among other things because – as many others here say – that you get back to yourself. I feel I'm getting old and to me it's great that my body is much more supple through this. This is good for old ladies like myself, I just get younger and younger for every day that passes."


Elisabeth Öberg