Hold Qi up Hangö [2007-08-18]

Finland's sunniest town, Hangö, is traditionally the first town of the fall season for our weekend courses. We had a basic course in Hold Qi Up there on August 18-19. Hangö is a popular tourist venue, which was also seen in the course. Some participants had travelled from their home town to participate specifically in the course in Hangö. In both Hangö and the nearby town of Ekenäs, there are practice groups for those who have participated in our courses.

From the participants comments:


"I feel that the most that has happened has been mentally. I was, for instance, helped with the anxiety I felt over my disease. My medication ended last spring and I was worried about how I would manage. But I manage just fine. I take one day at a time without fear. I feel I have gained exactly what I needed by coming here."

Back and Neck Problems, the Mind

"This exercise is perfect for my neck and shoulders. It also works a lot with my mind, and I believe in that. Now I will manage through the winter."

Hangö 070819

Back Problems, Inner Peace, Balance

"Qigong is my method. I will not stop. I have had problems with my back, but they are much better now. I practise at home in the morning. It's a good way to start the day. I have found more inner peace and balance."

Low Qi, Life Crisis, Neck Problems

"I've practiced for 2 and a half years. I've had quite a lot of resistance. My Qi was amazingly low when I started. Now it's better, but the process has been long. I'm more convinced all the time. Now I'm working through a life crisis. I'm working it out. I can accept that things are this way. It's an adventure and things will end the way they will. I feel a positive sense of expectation. Physically, I don't have any problems, but I would surely have had some without Qigong, since my Qi was so low. I hade some minor problems with my neck due to working with computers, but it's better now. My posture is better and I'm calmer, even though my life is difficult at the moment."

Shoulder Problems

"I feel that this is for me. It's the time I get for me. When I attended my first course, the range of motion of my shoulder was limited. After a month of practising regularly, the pain was gone. I had tried acupuncture, heat treatments and anything that our health care could offer, but without results. The movements of Qigong opened up the joint and everything that impaired my movement disappeared. This works regardless of whether you believe in it or not. For physical problems too."

Recent Surgery, Pain

"I had surgery three and a half weeks ago. Now my range of motion is about 60-80% of what it normally is. But it's better today than yesterday. I have had no pain. I was worried about pain, but I didn't get any."

Frozen Shoulder

"Last fall, I hurt my shoulder. The doctor told me to keep it still, but I practised anyway. I didn't want it to grow stiff. A month later I could move my shoulder without any problems. It hurt, but the mobility was there. My doctor had said that I would probably get a frozen shoulder. But now I'm completely healed. For me the mental part is still the most important. The sense of security in not needing someone to take care of me. I can fix my shoulder myself and I don't have to depend on a doctor or anyone else. I'm grateful for finding this method."


Lars Hagner