Summer Course 2 HQU Kvänum [2007-07-04]

This year's summer course level 2 had some more participants compared to previous years. Every year a number of persons join the summer course level 1 and feel so good after that course that they quickly decided to stay for level 2 as well. That was the case even this year, but this year a few more persons than previous years had decided to directly join level 2.

Participants in summer course level 2 2007

The course was characterised by the participant's interest, gratitude, happiness and will to practice. The social comradeship is something that all participants appreciate and those who repeat the summer courses always meet old as well as new friends.

The training was powerful and the lectures insightful and inspiring. Many participants spent several hours per day on training by themselves, particularly in the evenings. Another Qigong exercise that was practiced diligently during the course was the gentle smile and the peak of that practice was reached during our cabaret.

Qigong cabaret

Halfway during the course it was time for the yearly cabaret. As usual a number of well known Qigong artists performed, but there were also a number of courageous new participants who showed their talents on stage. They discovered how much Qi one can get from sharing a song, dance, poem or the like with a wonderful Qigong-audience.

Qigong cabaret the year 2007

One of the highlights of the evening was the unexpected entry of three teachers on stage after having been offered the opportunity to try an advanced and exciting mixture of the methods that we had learned until the same time. They did very well and their participation was very much appreciated by the audience. The evening was concluded with a beautiful version of a song called "Release Me". The singer was accompanied by her charming two year old son who wanted to be close to his mother. Many in the audience were probably well capable of keeping a gentle smile on their face when they started training after the cabaret.


Statistics based upon questionnaires that the participants filled in before and after the course shows that 76 % of them could sleep better or much better than before. Furthermore, 66 % of them feel less stressed than before. Another thing worth noticing is that rather many of the participants reported that they had no problems prior to the course. This was the case for persons who have joined many courses before to a higher degree than those who haven't.

Below a selection of comments from the participants can be found.

Cracking neck

"When I came to the course my neck cracked when I tried to turn the head. After practicing for several days we sat calmly together to talk. All of a sudden my neck felt soft and I could turn my head very much to the sides, without any resistance or sound."

Fun and reduced weight

"I feel pretty good. It is always amazingly fun to join the summer courses and I feel that it helps me during the whole year. I also lost quite some body weight."

Neck, shoulders and arms

"I have had huge problems with my neck, shoulders and arms; my entire left side. Now I feel that my neck has opened up and blood is flowing up to my head again. I've felt happier and more alert. I feel that I have gained energy and power during this course. It feels good."

Nice training

"It was truly wonderful to practice La Qi and Hold Qi Up. The hours in the morning and after lunch were a wonderful experience."

Fun and less depressed

"It has been great fun during the course! I joined my first summer course year 2000. I work on my depression; that is the reason that I come here. Since then I skipped two summer courses and I really felt worse. When I came back after that I immediately felt much better. This summer has been very exiting. The training works well and with a little help from my course mates I have taken a big step forward. That I can do Dun Chiang feels very good. I feel very happy."

Lump in the front of the neck

"I have had a lump in the front of my neck for about a year now. In a lecture the size of it was reduced dramatically, which felt almost unbelievable. It became even smaller during the following weekend course in Shenxin Qigong. When I joined the winter course even more of it disappeared and today the lump has disappeared completely!"

Less ache and better sleep

"When I came here I had a lot of ache and pains, I couldn't sleep well during the nights. I had to take pain killers. Now I sleep through the whole nights and have quit the pain killers. I still have a lot of improvements to do on my training, but being here has been a very nice experience."

Inflammation in the shoulder

"I came to the course with an inflammation in my right shoulder and I had had that for three months, approximately. This morning I could do almost the entire arm training. The inflammation is much better now. I can use my arm again."

Allergy och asthma

"I was born with allergy and asthma. That black cat, it has been here almost every day. And I have not reacted on it to the excitement of my daughters (the daughters also joined the course). Now they want me to try a horse and I am a bit apprehensive. I will take this thing calmly, and practice Dun Chiang before I take that step. There is a strong Qi field here and I must develop myself first before taking the step."

Energy and way of thinking

"It has been nice and I know I have big use of this during the coming year. I have got much energy and motivation to practice. And to do what I wish to do, play music, and I have also applied for the musical high school. And I can use the ways of thinking that I have received here."

Multiple sclerosis and energy

"I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) four years ago and joined my first summer course last year. I got very alert and decided to be healthy. I used that energy to a lot of things, moved to a house, got a dog and became a father. But I might have overdone it a bit and there were setbacks. I continued to practice but had little energy when I came here. This course has turned that all around. I took a while to get back but now my energy level is high. I got good help during Dun Chiang and the last time we practiced I had to rest during two repetitions only, which means that I was able to do 78! I feel great. Thanks for a very cosy summer course!"

Practice at the summercourse level 2 2007

Increased calm

"I feel calmer and I think my family agrees. I'm a person who easily worries. Now I feel calmer."

Walks better and quit happy pills

"Many things have happened. I'm stronger and I think I can walk better. My back is better. I stopped taking medication, both my antidepressants (happy pills), which I've taken for three years, and the sleeping pills. Especially the antidepressants I've been trying to quit for some time, so that feels nice. I had a wart on my finger, but it's gone. Magical."

Heart surgery and power

"I had a heart surgery nine years ago and started to practice after that. I had a friend that got much better from practicing Zhineng Qigong and wanted to test the method. In the beginning I felt sceptical in spite of the fact that I actually felt much better from practicing, but I continued and this is my eight summer course. I have really become much better during the three last years I now I practice a lot. I feel good and much stronger that before! I can live a full life and I'm able to participate in everything that goes on during the days. This spring I got to know that I needed another surgery due to problems in connection to the first surgery. The surgery went amazingly well and I have been able to join all the training during this course without any real problems."

Happy, alert and supple body

"I've never been this happy and alert and supple in my body, not even when I was a little child. It's amazing that I can get better than I can ever remember having been before."

Want to have a good life

"I was in very bad condition when I came here. I feel like a new person. I was depressed and in bad condition because I have been abusing drugs. Now I'm much better in many ways. I'm happy and alert and I feel like I want to have a good life. I want to feel good and be happy. I just feel happy about everything."


"When I came down I was in a bad state. I had been in bed for pneumonia so I did not have much strength. But I healed up and got my strength back. Moreover, I have started to understand the importance of relaxing the body when practicing and keeping calm."

Vascular ruptures and scar

"Some vascular ruptures and a small scar on my hand have disappeared. My pulse is lower, my appetite has returned, my skin is good, my eyesight a little better and I want to talk to people. Hair and nails are in top shape."

Feel good

"You tend to believe that you feel good, but after a course you realize that you can feel much better - you really do."


Su Dongyue