Summer Course 1 HQU Kvänum [2007-06-25]

For the fourth year the summer course has been held in Kvänum, a small community a few miles outside Skara. The school buildings of Nästgårdsskolan suit our need to both live and train together. The course had 150 participants from Sweden, Norway, Finland, England and the Netherlands. Some children came with their parents, who took turns participating in the training. There were even a couple of children, aged 7 and 9 years old, who joined us in practising in the training hall. This family then decided to stay on for the next 9 days.

Even though so many different people lived and practiced together, the atmosphere was warm and genuine, with many gentle smiles. Participants also expressed their appreciation with the practical arrangements of the course, e.g. fresh baked bread for breakfast and neat and clean accommodation.

Kvaenum 2007 ett gruppfoto

In the middle of the course we took a necessary break and many of the participants decided to join the trip to Läckö castle, said to be one of the most beautiful castles in the country. The excursion day ended traditionally with a cabaret, where all who wanted could contribute to the entertainment. Many acts were presented, some very light-hearted and some more serious, making the audience laugh and also reflect.

In the middle of the course we took a necessary break and many of the participants decided to join the trip to Läckö castle, said to be one of the most beautiful castles in the country. The excursion day ended traditionally with a cabaret, where all who wanted could contribute to the entertainment. Many acts were presented, some very light-hearted and some more serious, making the audience laugh and also reflect.

Sommarkurs 2007 ett resultat engelsk

Below are some comments from the course:


"Spontaneously, what I feel now is that my batteries have been charged. I feel fully charged with energy."

"I get more and more alert. This morning I was singing. Then my husband said: "Before the vacation, you kept saying oh, how much pain I have, but now you just say oh, how alert I am!" So I have had great improvements gradually."


"I feel that my patience has improved a lot. I can be a bit restless when things don't happen quickly enough and when people are too slow. Now I feel that it's cool. It's really nice."

"Before I've been considered as a negative person but I work on my mind and I'm more positive now. It's good to hear the lectures, to be reminded to keep calm etc."

"Thanks to Qigong I usually feel great. When I started I was quite tired of myself."

"Since the last summer course I've felt quite happy. I walk home from school smiling, not because of anything special, just because I'm there. I don't need a special reason to smile. In general I just feel quite good all the time."

"I'm calmer now, before I was stressed, putting a lot of pressure on myself, I don't do that anymore. I handle stress in another way. I don't easily get irritated."

"I feel that my way of thinking has changed. I think even more positive thoughts and whenever there are negative thoughts I try to turn them into something positive."

"Even though I don't practice very much I'm calmer, I sleep better, I laugh more easily, my toes are straighter, a corn is gone, my feet have changed form, my skin is better, my sinusitis is gone, probably the infections in my throat as well. I breathe more easily."

Kvaenum 2007 ett Cabaret1


"I've been sensitive to sounds but that is much better. I work in a kitchen with a lot of noises. Before I was very disturbed and I got headache but now I barely notice the sounds anymore. This training is really good for me."

"My problem is that I have a hearing condition, I wear a hearing aid on both ears. I'm a school teacher, with all the noises that come with that. All these sound impressions that I get have made my shoulders and head hurt. I get enormously tired. I've been going to a physical therapist for about six months, but my neck is completely well now. I am going to cancel my appointment with the physical therapist today. I hope this will continue so that I don't have to change my profession, since I like my current profession so much."


"I had pain in my neck and my shoulders. But now I don't feel pain any longer."

"My shoulders opened up quite early, and my neck has opened up also. Now I can put my chin down to my chest as we're supposed to do in Shenxin, something I could never do before. Yesterday during the evening session when we practiced HQU, both my knees opened up. I've had a problem with one of them, since my knee was pointing inward towards the other. This has made me lose my balance when practicing HQU. I also believe my lower back has improved. My arm is also a bit twisted because I've played computer games during the years, but it's now starting to get better."

"I get better and better and more and more alert with my facial neuralgia. I was injured after dental surgery, which lead to difficult pain in the face. In the first course, the neuralgia disappeared in the right side. In the second course, I could turn off my electrical equipment and keep it off for 2.5 months without any pain. This has never happened before in 22 years. This time I could turn it off after the third day and I still have no pain."

"I had pain between some ribs and have had that for at least a year. It's been very painful, especially when I sleep. This pain is now gone, hopefully forever."

"This is my second course. I have neuropathic pain in my arm and hand, coming from strained muscles. Immediately I noticed that Qigong helped a lot. Physical exercise and stress gives me pain. Qigong has helped on both issues. Last summer course I could stop using my medicines that I had been using for three years. I'm very grateful that I've been fine without them the whole year."

"I started because of pain in my back from an old accident. The pain got worse and worse. When I was about 40 years old I could barely lift a bucket of water. After three months of Qigong, not even regularly training, I noticed that my back was getting better. My problem was that my hip was not straight. One of my legs was taller than the other. Of course my brain has compensated and I don't notice myself that I limp. Qigong is fantastic! This is my first summer course. I noticed that my back was getting straighter. My shorter leg has grown a bit. I'm hopeful."


"I feel completely relaxed in my body. I haven't had this feeling for many years."

"One of the physical effects I have experienced is that my neck feels 15 cm longer now than before."

"Before I came here, my hand would just go numb from time to time. I couldn't feel it at all. Now there are no problems at all. So it is really much better. I'm very satisfied."

"When the course started I tried to put my hands on the floor. I failed, but yesterday when I tried I had success. I feel my arms are longer, that my shoulders do not stop me as they did before. It is good as I play the piano. Through the course I have learned to think positive more easily."

"I feel my joints are softer and more flexible and I feel 20 years younger."

The course in general

"I have found such great friends. We have had so much fun and laughed at our diseases. Fantastic. Thank you. And a wonderful course, really great and all of you who have worked here, amazing. Thank you so much!"

"The venue is beautiful and it feels as if we are one happy family. Here you can just be the person you are. Beautiful things are happening here. I can feel I am on the right track and I feel like staying a whole year and keep on working with the things I have started now. It is a privilege to be here and to get to know all of you!"


"The summer course is very good in many ways, also to practice social ability."

"It's been a nice course. I've felt that something has been happening in my back, waist and also in my appendix. Other than this I've enjoyed socialising with all the nice people here. The kitchen personnel are doing a great job, and it is always clean and fresh wherever I go, which is wonderful."

"It's been lovely and I'm happy to be here. The Qi-field feels really strong. Things have happened both in my body and my mind. I got rid of some stress; a shoulder is more relaxed so now I can turn my head. It's been a great experience."

"Another thing is how much the cabaret seems to be helping people. People can show who they are, knowing that they will be accepted as they are. They can stand on stage, even though they stutter and have problems singing, and enjoy it. I'd like it to be like this in other places to, and maybe it will sometime in the future."

"Emotionally and mentally it's been wonderful. I've learned such a lot of things from Mr Su and from colleagues on the course and the sharing."

"I decided to come here and I must say living here has been fantastic. It is unbelievable that we can live here all of us without conflicts. Everyone walks about here with big smiles and care about everybody else. It is the greatest experience being here."

"I'm impressed by the school, the organisation, all the people, the food and also that it possible to sleep in the room together with eight people. I never thought I would be able to do that. I'm very happy for being here."

"This is my first summer course. I was reluctant to come here, sleeping in the same room as other people, living this close. I didn't know if I could do that. But the first thing that hit me was the friendly atmosphere. Soon you got into the kindness and that is so good for everybody."

"My back is longer, I'm taller and I'm me. It's great to be this happy again."

"I feel calmer and happier. I'm much calmer. I feel good."

"It has been very nice to be here and I'm much calmer than before. Thank you!"


"This course I got lumbago. The other students recommended me to talk to different people who could help me but I thought that the Qi-field would make it. And with that thought in my mind I went to the training. After La Qi, the pain was gone. Because of my confidence I got rid of the problem fast."


"I have my son with me and I can see that he enjoys being here. He really likes the contact with the people. The happy smiles mean a lot. We've done some excursions and then he greets everybody."


"Before, I was thinking a lot about getting results when I practiced but now I enjoy the training itself more. If I get results it more like a bonus. This summer course I've been reminded that life is simple."

"Getting problems with my health was actually the best thing that has happened to me; otherwise I would not have found Zhineng Qigong."

"Something happened that made it much easier for me to concentrate. I reached a state where everything else disappeared and it was just my arms moving with a focused concentration, and it felt very good."

"What is interesting with Qigong is the ability to control and regulate oneself when not in a Qi-field. Interesting to do body relaxation and regulation in a food store and at the same time get Qi – just by doing those small exercises. It is exciting. Body regulation and relaxation are the most inspiring things. It should be possible to reach all results by just doing that."


"Yesterday a woman thanked me for the lunch we had together. She said she hadn't laughed that much for many years. She couldn't stop laughing. I didn't understand that I really made her feel that good, that I made her laugh. That I could give that to her made me feel very happy. In the beginning of 2000 I lost my happiness but now I got my happy personality back. When you don't feel good you lose the laughter, the life inside of you. You forget how good it is to laugh with other people. Also I don't take myself as seriously as before."


"I'm rheumatic. This is the third year I'm here. One of my fingers has become straight. Before the course I couldn't bend the finger. Next course I hope the other finger will be ok."

Chronic urinary infection/sensitivity

"I had a chronic urinary infection when I started to practice, my ears were ringing and I was very sensitive to electricity. Later I understood that the fear of the sensitivity was worse than the sensitivity itself. It was good to realise that it was my thoughts creating the biggest problem. The urinary infection has disappeared and also the problems with my ears. I'm still sensitive to electricity but I can work normally."


"My senses have improved. I can feel the taste of food much more."

"I also have regained and improved my sense of smell and taste."

Sleeping problems

"My problems are stress related: problems sleeping, anxiety and seeing what's difficult instead of the possibilities. These nights I've slept better. I've only woken up a few times and I've been able to fall back asleep. I also got a kick, charging the batteries as you said."


"What I really enjoyed, was that the energy field, the Qi, was stronger than ever. I was dizzy for the first few days. That was a really great thing."


"In the beginning of the course I had quite a lot of allergic reactions. My nose and eyes were running. This is now cured. My shoulder blades and neck are softer. It feels really good."

"I thought it would be nice to reduce my asthma and allergy medication. I had to take quite a lot of those. So I said I can go there to reduce my medication. My husband said: reduce your medication!? You should get rid of them all together. I also hoped that they could fix it so that I could sit again. I have problems with my back and fused vertebrae and I also hurt my tail-bone after taking a fall before Christmas. Things happened very quickly. Already on the third day, I started reducing my medication. On Thursday my tail-bone was OK. I could sit again. On Friday I was certain of this, so I called my husband and told him of this. I don't take any medication any longer. Including one that I hadn't planned to stop taking, but I have forgotten to take it. I didn't come here for my medication, I came here to get calmer and I wanted to increase my wisdom, if that's what you call it. I have two fused vertebrae in my neck and no disc. Today I feel great, since the Qi regulation yesterday. I've never felt so good. I have flexibility in my neck and I don't have any pain anywhere in my body."

Multiple Sclerosis

"Qigong has done a lot for my energy levels. I've had MS for seventeen years. Qigong has kept me going. This last year it has also helped me in not getting angry as easily as before. I'm much calmer. I take things better. Some of my relatives, aunts and uncles, almost don't recognize me. I feel that this is taking me even further. Thank you."


"I have not felt big physical changes but I have had stress related problems and Qigong is very effective; the most effective method I know."


"I don't spend as much time in bed with migraines, my body isn't as sensitive. My migraine attacks are better. Now my head bangs a lot less. It's great so thank you very much everybody."

"I have more saliva in my mouth. I take a medicine that reduces that production. Now I don't have to take my other medication for increasing the saliva production. I didn't notice that I hadn't been taking it, but now I realized. I have been able to reduce my other medicine by half, which is a lot for me. I think I got a bit more will power."

"I have more saliva and tears, this was a problem before. It's been a good course for me."


"I have saliva production in my mouth again. It feels good. My fingers work a bit better."


"I noticed that the lump that I have in my neck is getting smaller. This is very good, because when I've seen it in the mirror I've really thought I hated it."


"I have had surgery and I have a scar across my body. I have had problems with this scar. It's about six years old. It's a bit wide and it has bothered me a bit. One day when I was in the bathroom, I saw that I don't have a scar left. It was just a small thread. I thought "this can't be true, I must be confused". But I checked again in the shower and asked a friend to check. And it really was just a small thread. And that was great! It's been a really wonderful course. Thank you all!"


"I lost fifteen kilos on two months without changing my eating habits. It has been a very funny reaction."


"I had a chronic inflammation in my knees. They wanted to operate on it two years ago. But after practicing Qigong my knees became so good that the doctor did not want to have any operation."

"My vision has improved, I have had a synchronization problem in my eyes, but it has disappeared."


Su Dongyue